They may have found that their shower is still clogged and they don’t know what the issue is, which is why they call you. A good option for this kind of clog would be a hollow core drain cable with small diameters and a short length. If you’re unsure of what kind of cable would best fix your issues, you can always call the experts at Duracable. They may have discovered a backed-up toilet, a clogged shower drain, or roots in a main line. After freaking out, their next step would hopefully be calling a professional to come and fix the issue. The first step you’ll want to take to avoid any further issues is to diagnose the problem using a camera system and determine the size of the drain you’ll be snaking. With most shower drain clogs, the trap is most likely where your clog is sitting. Width of the cable matters, too – a big drain snake could end up causing more damage to smaller pipes. However, that “wire hanger” solution could also have failed or even made things worse. Depending on the type of clog you’re dealing with, you’ll want to attach an end fitting to your cable in order to break through the clog. At Duracable Manufacturing, we’ve got a plethora of drain snakes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Not only would you as a professional drain cleaner have the proper camera equipment needed to efficiently diagnose the problem, but you also know exactly what kind of drain snake Rain shower is needed to effectively clean the drain and have the proper tools and accessories needed to do a thorough cleaning.

Once you’ve diagnosed the issue, you’ll want to start shopping for a drain cleaner snake. They could make use of the age-old “wire hanger” solution and twist and turn the hanger to hook onto and grab the clogged hair.

After you’ve researched your options and found the best drain cleaning snake for your issue, your next step might be deciding on any accessories you might need to help you achieve best results. So, visit our website, browse our products and get your clogs fixed!


Your choice of drain snake could either help you or hurt you. A drain snake that is too flexible could end up doubling back on itself or tying itself into knots inside the drain pipe, while one that is too stiff might not be able to make the bends necessary to reach the clog. If they’ve got a small clog – for example, a hair-clogged shower – they might refrain from calling a professional and try to fix the clog themselves. Now, this might work; they could remove the clogged hair and find that their shower now drains like should. For example, if you’ve got a clogged shower drain, you’ll want a drain snake that is small and flexible enough to fit inside your pipe without causing any damage to the trap. Compared to an inner core drain cable, a hollow core drain cable with the proper diameters would flexible enough to follow the bends without causing any damage, while an inner core drain cable might be too stiff and cause damage to the trap. But if you’re a newbie to the drain cleaning game looking to step into the professional world, it would be beneficial for you to get a few tips on how to choose the right Drain Cleaner Snake. Here, at Duracable Manufacturing, we have available for you a variety of quality American-made accessories you might need to better clean your drains for longer-lasting; we’ve got in stock all kinds of drain cleaning snakes and accessories and are eager to help so that you can find the best products for your needs

Drain cleaning can be a good thing for your household plumbing, but it isn't cheap to have it done professionally. While it may be something you want to schedule in to your home's maintenance needs, it isn't something you want to be up against in an emergency. Having said that, millions of homeowners have found themselves in just such a position at one time or another. 99% of the time, these clogs could have been avoided by following some simple rules about what should go down the pipes and what shouldn't. Stick to those rules, and you shouldn't experience any trouble. Here are some of the most common clogs.


More than anything else, hair is the primary culprit behind most household clogs, especially as it pertains to the bathroom pipes. It's only natural, of course. Shaving, grooming, even shampooing can cause you to lose quite a lot of hair over a short period of time.
If you have people with long hair in your family, the chances of facing a clog in the near future grow ever more likely. While having everyone in the family shave their heads is a drastic measure to take, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid needing professional drain cleaning. Install some special filters or strainers and catch the hair rather than letting it flow into the pipes.

Cooking Oil

Pour a bottle full of vegetable oil down the kitchen sink and you probably won't run into any problems. Pour that same amount down the hole after you've cooked with it and it may be the last thing that goes down without a fight. When it comes to the kitchen sink, no substance creates as much need for drain cleaning as used cooking oil. Once it cools after cooking, it hardens into a white, sticky Bathroom Accessories Manufacturers mess that clings to the side of your pipes. It doesn't take many times of doing this before you're facing a real problem Basin Faucet with water flow. Instead of pouring it down the sink, pour it into a sealable bottle or can and throw it out with the trash.

Paper Products

Toilet paper is very light and practically disintegrates when put through the plumbing system. Paper towels, tampons, and feminine napkins are not the same and should never be flushed down the toilet. It is another of the most common reasons for a clog and it is why nearly all drain cleaning specialists advise finding something else to do with these paper products.

Homeowners everywhere have different ideas about how they would like the kitchens in their homes to look. Kitchen Faucet Suppliers The best way to go about it would be to choose the correct style for the space you have. Basically, you have to find kitchen ideas that you like and that flatter the space. The best way to do Kitchen Faucet Manufacturers this would be to use a kitchen gallery. This will help you find kitchen ideas that match your preferences while giving you several options to choose from. Here are several things to consider while designing your kitchen:

The Space When trying to decide how to set up your kitchen, you will have to determine the exact dimensions of the room. The only way to do this would be to have the room measured, or make an attempt at doing it yourself. Next, take the time to determine how your ideas will fit into the room. If there isn't enough space for everything you would like, it may be necessary to make some changes. On the flip side, you may need to add additional appliances and/or furniture if there is excess space that needs to be filled. Even though the idea is for you to utilize the space as well as you can. Always keep in mind that you want the space to look good.


People always say that looks don't matter, but this does not apply when it comes to kitchens. You should try finding a theme that will give your space some much-needed ambiance. This is an area where a kitchen gallery would really come in handy. Even if things look great, that does not mean that they will work together. Remember that consistency is key when it comes to enhancing your space. Whether you want a casual kitchen or something a bit more splendid, the components you choose to work with MUST mesh with one another.

The Perfect Parts

When designing a kitchen space, you should visit several showrooms to get a good idea of the types of materials they have available. You should try finding some of the materials online since this can help you save a great deal of money, which can be invested into another aspect of your kitchen project. If you are not having any luck finding things that fit the overall design of your kitchen, it may be wise to hire a kitchen designer.

Additional Features

This is another area where a kitchen gallery will be to your benefit. If you are a big family person, you should try finding things that fit the elegant look you want while providing the durability you need. You will need the right cabinetry, countertops and plans to make your kitchen look like you have always dreamed of. A kitchen gallery is essential for this purpose. Again, you can get the help you need to find a design that you will adore.