My anectodes with freedom

These are my unfiltered thoughts on how freedom is shaped around me


I am most probably changing that chapter number as you're reading this. The same rant to start with. The subscribe to newsletter is buried deep. So just read through please. Everything else will take care of itself.

That last sentence your read, that is the most reclusive thing to even start with. To some extent we can believe that some things take care of itself. But that is no eternity. Past few weeks have been a high octane struggle for me personally. Travelling in my mind is becoming more and more harder thing to do.

I have some past experience that makes me to give secondary priority to work. Like you have someone in your home who has given so much priority to work that you are proud and anxious about it at the same time. So that schitz just seeps down into your own work schedules. That thing is hard to digest too.

For most part of my life I am quite sure that, mentally I can completely dissect the work I do for money and one I do out of passion. And I feel like that's a superpower for most part of it. Isn't it good?!! Now I am seeking validation. That validation is least sought though.

The most sought advice/validation I am looking for currently is to satisfy that inner lacuna in me that is growing as time is passing. Choice is a weird thing. Things you do which you cannot choose to not do, you want to give them up most strongly.

And giving up after knowing your strength is not a worst thing to do. All I want to do is doing a stage time of nine hours almost in like three/four weeks. Yep. That is what I look for, for eternity.

Maybe telling this schitz out loud is a choice…aye?!!😬


Hey folks, hope you're doing well and you haven't sub'ed to my blog yet. Because the email subscription button is buried deep somewhere. It is inaccessible. So if you are getting to reading this piece of schitz I wrote, thank you! This thing I said about in the beginning is called, calling out once vulnerabilities.

Often than not, we hide them and are cautious about them in public. Have you ever come across a term called 'building in public' or 'studying in public' or for that matter any sane thing in public? If you have, have you ever thought of why people name that phrase that way? That is because most of the content under that header, may it be in writing/videos/audio are mostly raw. They are iterations of the attempts made and may or may not be successful but the journey is shared for learning. That is how, our vulnerabilities are shared to make ourselves and concerned other to learn from them.

I am a frequent answerer on Quora. And somehow my profile got fitted into being an answerer of questions about education. I don't really know why it happened so. There I got an interesting question. Actually the question was pretty typical. The answer I deciphered for it in that moment was interesting for myself! (I know I'm batschitz narcissistic!) The question was something on lines of: “What is India lacking in terms of education?”

I answered with a lot of conviction and empathy at my end like: Indian students, especially in middle school lack that zeal of peer based learnings. If for a moment we consider, I'm from a school that is hysterical when it comes to its overall existence (coincidentally it was too😂, I thoroughly joke about my schooling in my mind, someday it would come out all guns blazing!), even then, the instinctive zeal to learn life lessons, that thing needs to be inculcated in the peeps that are going through that thing called schooling. My effing headmaster would teach us class tenth English as first language, by making folks in my class read paragraphs from the Kumarbharti book one after the other! (See, couldn't resist.)

Turning back to my formal education, I believe that even my formal education can come out as a beat form of vulnerabilities for my own self to learn and heal from it. Best schitz to come out of!!

To be continued…

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Welcome to the first chapter. You are always free to skim through what I have written. Currently I'm sleeping on a couch and writing this while listening to ghazals of Farida Khanum. I'm feeling oddly free.

What according to you is being free? What changes do you feel in yourselves when you feel like you're kept away from freedom? Life takes turns. Holy schitz!! I'm suddenly thinking about life and it's philosophy.

I believe there should be no life quotes to exist. Most life quotes are mirage. Most life quotes give a sense of snatching your freedom away. They do that by pointing towards a path to have a successful life. The successful life is from that particular quote creators lens. “Mujhe jana hii nahin yaar jindagi mein ek baar Himalaya mein for solace. Muje rehna hain materialistic. Tum gyaan apne pas rakho!

Now you may find it a rant. But…the song changed to Ik pyaar ka nagma hain btw…

So I was saying, you may find it a rant but it is a reformative thought about freedom. And freedom is a priceless thing to have. It is relativistic and is physically felt.

We’ll have a brief discussion about vulnerabilities and it's downsides about freedom in coming posts.

Till then do subscribe to this space. It is at the bottom most part of this space. I honestly don’t know why is it located there.

Take care.

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Hey there!! How are you keeping up with yourself? I hope you're doing good in physical and mental health.

Past two years had been a rooler coaster ride. Much water has flown below the bridge and it's time to nip some of the things in the bud. Do you feel so? Or am I being too passive aggressive about it?

I have felt terrible outburst of thoughts in past two years. Some were terribly grim. Before the lockdown, I looked at a day job which I had, something that would essentially have a mix of what I love to do (writing) along with some formal technical knowledge from past (engineering). I worked full time with that endeavor, maybe a false endeavor.

There is a thin line that exists between the day job you're doing out of your love for it and doing job for keeping the money coming in for managing the finances. There is a third kind that may align with the first kind of day job notion I mentioned, **it is following the passion.**


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