Yeh freedom...freedom kya hain?!!


Hey there!! How are you keeping up with yourself? I hope you're doing good in physical and mental health.

Past two years had been a rooler coaster ride. Much water has flown below the bridge and it's time to nip some of the things in the bud. Do you feel so? Or am I being too passive aggressive about it?

I have felt terrible outburst of thoughts in past two years. Some were terribly grim. Before the lockdown, I looked at a day job which I had, something that would essentially have a mix of what I love to do (writing) along with some formal technical knowledge from past (engineering). I worked full time with that endeavor, maybe a false endeavor.

There is a thin line that exists between the day job you're doing out of your love for it and doing job for keeping the money coming in for managing the finances. There is a third kind that may align with the first kind of day job notion I mentioned, **it is following the passion.**

I had that extra stone to put my foot on. And the worst part is after a point of iterating, I felt that is should earn from it. The bone of contention was I was trying stand up open mics Comedy open mics specifically. And I was doing good. And I miss them terribly as I'm at my native place.

This is just a prelude and all spelling mistakes are owing to autocorrect.

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