Yeh freedom...freedom kya hain?!!


Welcome to the first chapter. You are always free to skim through what I have written. Currently I'm sleeping on a couch and writing this while listening to ghazals of Farida Khanum. I'm feeling oddly free.

What according to you is being free? What changes do you feel in yourselves when you feel like you're kept away from freedom? Life takes turns. Holy schitz!! I'm suddenly thinking about life and it's philosophy.

I believe there should be no life quotes to exist. Most life quotes are mirage. Most life quotes give a sense of snatching your freedom away. They do that by pointing towards a path to have a successful life. The successful life is from that particular quote creators lens. “Mujhe jana hii nahin yaar jindagi mein ek baar Himalaya mein for solace. Muje rehna hain materialistic. Tum gyaan apne pas rakho!

Now you may find it a rant. But…the song changed to Ik pyaar ka nagma hain btw…

So I was saying, you may find it a rant but it is a reformative thought about freedom. And freedom is a priceless thing to have. It is relativistic and is physically felt.

We’ll have a brief discussion about vulnerabilities and it's downsides about freedom in coming posts.

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Take care.

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