Six Months – No Positive Change

It’s been exactly six months since I wrote my last entry, and I’m sorry to say there hasn’t been much of a positive change since I last wrote – as a matter of fact, I’ve probably gained a few pounds since then, although I’m not sure because I don’t remember what my weight was when I wrote this. I know I’m at 140.2 – just a few tenths of a pound lower than I was two weeks ago. I had lost 1.4 pounds the previous week, but this past week, I gained 1.2 of it back. I’m determined to figure out what’s going on with my weight. I wish I could lose for more than one week in a row, but for the past month and a half I’ve been on a gain-lose roller coaster – this is what the past several weeks have looked like:

8/12/22 – 138 – lost .6 pounds

8/19/22 – 138.6 – gained .6 pounds

8/26/22 – 136.8 – lost 1.8 pounds

9/2/22 – 138 – gained 1.2 pounds

9/9/22 – 138.6 – gained .6 pounds

9/16/22 – 140.4 – gained 1.8 pounds

9/23/22 – 139.0 – lost 1.4 pounds

9/30/22 – 140.2 – gained 140.2 pounds

There were different reasons for the losses and gains – one week we had gone away and I ended up eating a lot and not exercising as much, some other weeks I didn’t eat as many vegetables as I should have, which was the case this week.

I know that I do better during weeks when Kevin can make many meals with filling, low-calorie vegetables like onions, mushrooms, squash, etc in them, or when we eat salads with or as dinner, but that doesn’t happen all the time. Like this past week, I ate vegetables with dinner and bread with a lot of my lunches and dinners to make up for the calories I wasn’t going to be getting.

I probably should have saved it and just eaten it with one meal. Or I could eat a piece with some butter as a pre-workout snack. Or eat a handful of nuts with lunch instead of bread. That might have been a better choice. This coming week I’m going to work on making better choices and continuing to do the other things I’ve been doing, and hopefully I can get myself on the weight loss downward trend again.