my views

Took years to realize that its writing which gives me a liberating space. Merely publishing the writing in a platform like this makes me happy and hope it helps in reaching the confidence level once I had. In this busy world, other than what one do for a living ,some need a creative safety valve to enjoy life, for me its obviously writing. Finally accepting it by keeping my laziness behind.

Though I love writing, scribbling for exam essays were not my cup of tea. I admire those who could constrain the thoughts into meaningful words in a limited time. Realizing that I'm never going to be that first rank writer in the class, I rated my writing skills as just futile and never improving.

Now I know, I inherently love writing ,and I'm indifferent to the ratings or marks. Writing is a way of self expression and the more you write the more you improve.

For those who love writing but afraid of grammar and other technicalities of language, leave that fear behind ,start writing ...........better late than never.

Hoping to continue this column on a regular basis. Thank You for reading this.