narrow road, deep north

"I wave my skinny arms like a tall flower in the wind"


An old monk — He is like a scarecrow standing all day in the yellow fields

Days and months pass —

How is this heart illuminated?

Note: People are painful to see All wrapped up in the world Begging to return to their normal lives

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Earth sleeps, slowly — Only rivers and mountains and great substance of dirt Earth sleeps slowly Earth slowly sleeps Slowly sleeps Earth Slowly, Earth sleeps Sleeps, Earth, Slowly Sleeps slowly, Earth #haiku #journal #photo

under ice the rivers and great Earth without compare — sit and listen a whirlwind of stillness!

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A monk asked Ummon, “What swallows the universe?”

A clear sense of time Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer the well travelled way

Ummon strikes “Deep!“   What changes?

Note: Ummon's staff sprouting from the ground — thick as reeds tall grasses

rain falls striking the great Earth — seasons changing with no distractions

#haiku #koan #wholesky #zen

Clear sky — Gaze in the ten directions upon my weathered skeleton

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Last line/first line haiku using the Ummon-kan as a base. Lines re-arranged in bash with shuf then re-compiled on an Olivetti Roma.

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08. DEAF

A monk asked Ummon, “What man on earth can understand Buddhism?” Ummon answered, “The outside post of the temple can understand it!” and with a “Kwatz!” added, “You dead toad!”

Comment: see the dead toad jump what is all this about insentients preaching buddhism any way

never mind about buddhism if you understand this understand ummon understand the outside post then you can understand ummon the outside post and buddhism any way

  press your ear against the post here hear someone humming   in the temple

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