Narrow Road > Deep North

by R.a.Szy

~ Multiple exposures, 35mm

#photo #stone

~ Iron Age grave field, 35mm

#photo #stone

Cut off from words — no cause or effect is broken

Enough teaching! So much waste of breath!

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“Shallow!” a slab of Buddha meat grasping to life —

Free from the self — daily mind is hard to forget

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This ghostly old Polaroid I found of myself, taken maybe 10 years ago? Channelling a dreamy alternate timeline where I formed a failed shoegaze band c.1999. Probably marks the last time I had any clothes in my wardrobe that weren't black (a white shirt.. Oh! those crazy days..)

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Cut-up typewriter anti-review of THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED William Burroughs' operating occult grimoire masquerading as 1960s counterculture novel. Produced for an upcoming zine.

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a single eye a space in time a weathered skeleton a clear mind a great spirit a familiar place a pure nature an everyday heart

Note. all things that arise silently follow silently pass

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Ummon once said: “Monk Sei declared that if we strike the empty air, it makes a sound, and that a piece of wood when hit, makes none.” Ummon struck the air with his stick and cried “Ouch!” and struck the floor and said “Hear anything?” A monk said, “A sound!” Ummon exclaimed, “Duffer!” and struck the floor again and asked “Sound of what?”

Comment: all sound is one sound and one who says it isn't must drive into it in order to so say

  one hand beats the air a bird in flight a flight in space a space in time a time in images imagery in mind mind in hand one mind beats the hand

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When tired When hungry — Bright robes or tattered rags

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