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Re-lapsed graphic designer and typographer. Friend to trad Witches, rad Anarchists, drunken Zen monks & wandering Taoist poets.

This blog is part journal, part archive, part ongoing textual experiment. A compilation of free-form notebooks, hazy memories and hauntological intrusions. Many of the entries are transcribed from typewritten pages produced on an Olivetti Roma.

Most of the entries have undergone methods of cut-up technique, their content altered by methods of physical and digital de-construction → re-construction.

'Narrow Road, Deep North' references the 'Oku no Hosomichi'. A major work of 17th Century Japanese travel writing and poetry by Matsuo Bashō, translated alternately as 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North' and 'The Narrow Road to the Interior'.

The blog title is typeset in OSMOSE by Blaze Type Foundry. (https://blazetype.eu/) The colour scheme uses the NORD palette. (https://www.nordtheme.com/)

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