narrow road, deep north

"I wave my skinny arms like a tall flower in the wind"

Haiku cut-ups generated/randomised with shuf and piped into

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Silver birch paper — Inscribe the qualities of deathlessness

Note: Not haiku not poetry Time itself — the sun in daytime the stars at night the dust of the world!

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~ Glacial erratic

~ Hazel. Coppiced on the Feb leap-day for a walking staff / stave.

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Fragments of auto-generated cut-up haiku. Original lines were transcribed from typewriter pages into plain text, then re-arranged in bash using the shuf command. Although I prefer analogue approaches to textual interference, this method saves time and paper and offers equally serendipitous results.

  Bent double No-Monk asked the Emperor “What kind of ideas have you brought with you?” .

No matter sharp or dull roots — Death will happen!


To escape death the teachings never differ — All ends without compare!


Light Spring rain A thousand blades of grass — Inhale!


Quietly walk along this road trailing behind ancestors — Do not ask me anything It is nothing!


Your real body your original mind — Empty impressions What a pain!


The dust of the world settled on an old track — First snow of Winter


Birth and Death — They are like waves They are like space — Undisturbed


There is Birth and Death around — Beware! Fighting words!


Sky above dropping away Clear sky


Hunger like an empty Dharma — Absurd in its clarity!

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Stripped of the teachings, what will be my legacy?

Buried in the tall grass — The entire Earth beneath this Whole Sky. The well travelled way.

Note: Travel drunk to the Temple, my old rags torn and tattered.

The tall grasses of Spring fanning my face.

Sit still — buried deep.

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What is this pilgrimage?

A narrow road of inquiring what is zen? and what is dried shit?

Note: Narrow road north far beyond the mountains temple walls crumble to d u s t

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This long February exhausted at last Stretch my bony legs Slip into the forest

Clear spirit expounds the teaching Muscles, Marrow, Bone

Cranes fly in early over Stones, Sticks, Moss, Rocks

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Are you going to the mountains today?

“Speak! Speak!”

What a pain in this decadent age of imitation!

Note: Only the tone-deaf sit and listen to incessant koans.

Shelter from the rain,

chew up some sermons beneath a cliff!

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Sitting in the teaching

Bringing up the weeds of the source

Ten – feet – deep

Burying the hall

Note: Those who are free will answer how, Those who aren't will see a familiar place.

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