For the kingdom, the glory, and the power are your's, now and for ever.

A seemingly primary concern of the left is the radicalization of the right and specifically what leads to it. The issue is that they don’t actually do a very good job at deradicalizing. The left continues to move away from the center as the center moves left further alienating the moderate right. It would appear to me that the left radicalizes the right. When I think of various “radicalization stories” from people I’ve talked to, and even one’s I’ve seen in comment sections and heard second hand, there is a commonality between all of them. That commonality being a repulsion to the trends of modernity. Meaning modernity is heading somewhere they’d rather not be. When I think of some of the concepts pushed by the left and how utterly reprehensible they are it’s easy to see why. As it turns out people aren’t radicalized by watching Sargon of Akkad, they’re radicalized by watching the news.

The left set out to destroy all opposition, not just because they could, but because they have to. In order to sustain a narrative such as theirs they needed to crush out anything that goes outside of their framework. Keep in mind, the leftist worldview is by no means self-explanatory. Even leftists will talk about having been reeducated in their thinking on gender, race, class, etc. Almost as if they’ve been, dare I say, radicalized. So, when an alternate worldview, one that seeks to move backwards the leftist’s “progress”, or at least stagnate it, it needs to be stomped out. 

The left bases their worldview on the concept of liberation which can only be constructed via negation. To liberate there must be something impeding on your person and thus something you oppose. It just so happens that everything that the right believes in is deemed oppression by the left and is thus a point of opposition. A better way to understand the left is the antithesis of the right. The left in every conceivable way has built itself up as the right’s boogeyman while treating the right as a global boogeyman. We can’t deny what a fantastic boogeyman the left has made itself to more traditional individuals. It is really no wonder why someone who doesn’t want to give in to the propaganda pushed by every major corporation would essentially be radicalized by the leftist cry for more “progress”. 

The only solution then is censorship. “We can’t have someone countersignaling our brainwashing!” Cries out the leftist. The left are actually very bad at their job. By attacking the opposition so fiercely they are actually accelerating the right’s ability to respond to their attacks. It’s become so severe that we are at the point of building our own payment processors instead of simply our own platforms. But, censorship is a fulltime job. You can’t stop at the main bad actors, you have to go full on scorched earth blitzkrieg mode and leave no survivors. Let the woke gods sort them out in other words.

Beyond the more politically motivated individuals the left also attacks people who allow an escape from clownworld. Some prominent examples I can think of are PewDiePie and Dave Chappelle. PewDiePie made some Nazi jokes in a video and lost his YouTube Premium show. Similarly Dave Chapelle made it a point to make fun of the transgender community and was attacked by the left as well. When he wouldn't cave they attacked Netflix. The left doesn’t want you to have an escape from their worldview which is why this is unacceptable. You can’t make fun of what they’re doing and pushing because it breaks the conditioning. The left wants to demoralize you until you give in to each of their demands and talking points. We are especially seeing this with Joe Rogan now.

For the sake of wrapping this up, understand that the right isn’t radicalized by the right’s excellent talking points. I think the rightwing is often quite poor at promoting itself. Instead the average right-winger just doesn’t want to give in to their antithesis, that being the left. The left creates what it seeks to destroy, because otherwise they would have declared victory a long time ago.

I remember when the internet was fun, it isn’t anymore. Simply put, the internet is too well moderated. Moderated to weed out any dissenters that might be lingering around. YouTube used to be a conspiracy theorist hellscape complete with tons of holocaust deniers, flat earthers, and Atomwaffen propaganda videos. Now it’s a mockery of the e-ghetto it once was, having been completely gentrified by the elites. Part of the charm was that real people could put anything they wanted online without caring about what the people in power wanted. It was an escape from the corporate news cycle and Hollywood entertainment. The rest of the internet is like this as well, now complete with all encompassing TOS, hoops to jump through, and tons and tons of censorship. The best description I can think of is that the internet is now a TSA checkpoint.

Before 9/11 the TSA was non-existent. It was formed to prevent another 9/11 from happening. I know of a lot of people older than myself who mention from time to time that travel out of and in the US was much easier before the TSA and prior to 9/11. When I think of the internet I get a similar vibe. The internet is much harder to operate within now than before 2017 when we had our right-wing 9/11. That 9/11 was the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. This is not to compare the two by any means in terms of damage or even seriousness. I simply mean there was an event viewed as catastrophic that resulted in “safety measures” being taken to prevent something similar. But what happened that requires safety measures? Well, the right united.

For one moment everyone from Hoppean Libertarians to Third Positionists to Paleoconservatives came together to form a coalition in opposition to what the left had been doing. They were trying to erase the achievements of white’s and the right wanted to stop it. The final moment that caused the shift from opposition of the right to repression of the right was when James Fields drove his car through a crowd of people killing Heather Heyer. It then became imperative that the regime jump on the right not because of the action but because the action allowed them to. Very soon after there were mass bannings, demands for involvement of the ADL and SPLC, and of course many TOS changes to every platform. The right can no longer be allowed to organize in any capacity.

The left has for a long time been the stooges of the regime, not legitimate opposition. Maybe at one point they posed a legitimate threat, maybe at one point they were co opted by the regime, and maybe they aren’t representatives of the regime so much as the regime copies them. But, at this point I am doubtful of that. Point being, the left opposes the right fervently and will attack at the drop of a hat, that hat of course being dropped by the regime. Events like this are fuel for the regime to engage in its usual tactics. In many ways the Unite the Right protest did more to Unite the Left than it did the right. In fact several things coincided with this, the dissolution of the “alt-right”, the shift away from Libertarianism, and the monopolization of the left in online spaces. Simultaneously the left was able to dissolve the right’s common factor, create schisms in ideology, and then become the only people allowed to organize.

So where does that leave us? The attack has happened, a response has been made by the regime, and now the right is in shambles. If we are to win the culture war it is to be not via total domination, but by more surreptitious and, dare I say, subversive means. As if we were trying to sneak past security.

The Internet is a TSA Checkpoint...and you can thank the left for that.