Retired couple who wants to see this great country and live life deliberately!

We moved from Yuma, Arizona, a week ago on the 4th of March.

Sunsets in Arizona are amazing but we have been wanting to visit California to visit family and were anxious to see it from the bottom to the top. We started on I-8 out of Yuma and came West to El Centro. From there we traveled up to I-10 and then West into Palm Desert.

It was an easy drive through the desert of about 160 miles. We arrived around 2pm and found a nice spot to set-up in. All of the 30 amp spots are pull-thru, which is nice. A little snug but enough room for a picnic table and some chairs.

We spent the first week (of two scheduled here) just looking around Palm Desert. We found the local Walmart and, to our great surprise, a WINCO grocery store. WINCO was our favorite when we lived in Haltom City. Our house was a couple of blocks away and it was convenient. Good prices, great bulk items and I liked the meat when they would have sales.

We found that much of California is shut down with regards to dine-in. Plenty of places offered take out or delivery. That was ok for us because we need to eat our own cooking to conserve our fixed income. It's nice to have a source for ingredients fairly close which we did NOT have when we were camping in the desert.

We were shocked at the prices here. Diesel was $4.15 at the first stop we made here. That was a big jump from $2.68 in Yuma. We did find a few places that had under $4 prices. That will be our task from now on, use our phone apps to find the best price.

After being here for a week we decided to make the trek to the beach. I grew up on the beaches of Southern California but Tina has never been to the West Coast. The drive from Palm Desert to Huntington Beach was just over 100 miles over 4 to 6 lane roads. Not a deal breaker since it will be all new for her. She kept quite busy with her phone camera recording everything she saw.

We made it to the beach around 1:30 after stopping at a store for lunch fixings. We bought ready-to-eat sandwiches and snacks. Once we got parked we sat there for a bit and enjoyed the scenery along with our lunch. The weather was beautiful. A little chilly and breezy but not bad with a sweater on.

It's pay to park near the pier. $4 for two hours. We walked to the pier and out to the end, which is quite long. In the summer you can hardly see any sand it is so crowded. In the picture above you can see Long Beach in the distance. Giant container ships sit offshore waiting to be unloaded and loaded. Extremely busy port.

There is a great deal of off-shore drilling taking place really close to shore.

If you have an F250 or F350 Super Duty with Diesel engine, be aware of a real potential for a very bad day. I am not sure just what models of Ford Diesel engines use this type of upper fuel filter, so I am making this a pretty generic warning. Check yours to see if it is this one.

The filter on the right is the lower filter cartridge that goes in the canister under the drivers side door. No problems there. Unfortunately, the plastic canister on the left is the upper filter that sits in a cup on top of the engine. Here you can see it in place.

On my 2016 there are two hose connections for fuel in and fuel out. On 2017 and newer, there are three. The canister is made in two parts, the top, which you can see here, and the bottom cup, which is not visible here. It comes as a glued together unit. My filter was a replacement Ford Motor Company part which I purchased on Amazon as a set. You cannot buy them separately. We started noticing diesel smell shortly after the fuel filters were replace by me. Being new to owning a diesel truck, I was not sure if that was a normal thing so I put it to the back of my mind.

We moved from Springtown, Texas, to Lake Whitney last Wednesday. When we arrived I went through the normal process of parking the RV in a camp spot when I noticed a large puddle of diesel fuel under the truck. I maneuvered the RV as quickly as I could unto place and shut off the truck. The next morning I checked out what was going on and found when I turned on the truck diesel fuel started squirting out of the side of the upper filter ALL OVER THE ENGINE! I could not believe my luck that the truck had not burned to the ground.

I did some research and found this is a very common problem with this particular part. I also found a really good solution.

The H&S Motorsports 121003 Fuel Filter Conversion allows you to use a less expensive, higher flowing fuel filter in your 2011-2015 6.7L Powerstroke. This kit removes the factory style plastic fuel filter and converts it to a WIX 33386 fuel filter. As an added bonus, the H&S Motorsports Fuel Filter Housing also doubles as a fuel distribution block for those running multiple high-pressure injection pumps. Features: Easy Installation Converts O.E. Filter To WIX 33386. This kit is around $169.00 plus shipping. I paid $90 for an OEM replacement filter set, at a local parts store, to get by for now. I see this as insurance for the future. You never know when the canister will crack and your truck might catch fire.

I have not received my kit yet but the video instructions (available on the manufacturers website) are very clear and complete and I am expecting no issues during the install. I will update this article after I install it.

One of the things that would not work for us was the small closets on either side of the bed in our new RV. They are designed for hanging clothes. I can't speak for others who RV full time but we don't have many items that need to be on hangers. There is a drawer under the bed on either side for clothes storage but we needed more than that. Socks, underwear, tee-shirts, and shorts make up my wardrobe most of the time. One or two pair of pants for special occasions.

It became obvious that we would need more shelf space. After seeing Matt & Diana (from Adventurous Way) add shelves, I knew that's what we wanted.

The entire project took a couple of days. I did some imagineering (that's Disney speak) in my head figuring out just how I would put in shelves that would:

1) Be lightweight but sturdy enough to hold up a layer of clothes up to 5 inches in depth.

2) Be semi-permanent but removable in case we needed the space for something else.

I picked up the materials at a Lowes Home Improvement Center.

1 – 2x4 foot sheet of ¼ inch finished plywood

1 – 2x2 foot sheet of ¼ inch finished plywood

1 – 1x3x8 foot piece of Oak trim

About 40 #10 wood screws

We already had wood glue.

I cut the plywood into 4 pieces 14.5x24 inches for the shelves. I will be cutting them to length later as I fit them into place. The back of the closet is curved since it is the cap on the front of the trailer.

I ripped the Oak piece into 2 1.5 inch strips 8 feet long. I then cut 4 14.5 inch pieces for the leading edge of each shelf. I reserved the rest of the oak for support blocks. I did have the use of a table saw for this next step. I cut a ¼ inch dado (slot) into the Oak pieces and fit the leading edge of the shelves into the slots. I actually used a regular blade but made several passes to cut the dado to ¼ inch. I sanded the edges of the shelves as well as the edges of the oak pieces. Once I glued the shelves in place in the dado's, I left them to dry overnight.

The remainder of the oak was cut into 2 inch pieces to be used for support blocks. I pre-drilled pilot holes for the wood screws to aid in the installation. Inserting screws into the blocks at this time would be a real time saver.

All of the cut material was then sanded to clean up the edges. Tina did a great job with that. The last thing to do was measure the depth of each shelf and trim the back edge to fit.

Here you can see the shelves in place. I made a compromise between weight and strength. Each shelf will only need to hold a couple of pounds at best. Now the hard part. Trying to figure out how to pack the shelves in a useful way can be a real challenge. My thoughts are to place the off season cloths in the back and the current season in the front.

This was a simple project that can increase the storage space and help manage your small clothing items. I hope this made sense and you find it useful.

Roger & Tina

Everyone seems to be up in arms about cash going away. But what does that mean, really. Let's talk about what digital money is and how you would use it. Let's also look at some of the arguments against removing cash.

Digital Money

What is digital money anyway? You are already using a form of digital money. If you have a debit or credit card, you are already paying for things digitally. The “True Value” of the digital money you are using is in the “dollars” you either have in the bank or the dollars you are saying you will pay later. Most countries back their Fiat (money) with some value like gold or other commodity. The U.S. is currently backing it's Fiat with the “Good Faith in the United States of America”. In other words, it is backed by, well, nothing. It is only of some value if people agree it has value. When the economy looks shaky or the stock market takes a dive, the value of money usually drops, out of speculation that things are looking bad for the “Faith” in the U.S. economy.

Since President Nixon removed the Gold backing for our dollars, and for some time before that (1910), our dollar's value has been managed and manipulated by the Federal Reserve. Our recent pandemic and the Feds printing money like crazy to prop up the economy and provide some stimulus for people out of work is an example of money manipulation. This money has no real value. It is created out of thin air. This will not be good for us in the future. Eventually reality will bite us in the rear.

Digital money, when tied to Fiat, is a representation of the value you have in your bank account. This is not the same as the “Digital Dollar” that is about to be created. When Digital Money is backed by something that has a constant value, like Gold, you can rely on it being more stable. Gold can fluctuate in value but is relatively stable.

The U.S. is looking at creating a “crypto” Digital Dollar as an eventual replacement for the Fed based paper dollar. If the new digital dollar is backed by a commodity like Gold, it will be redeemable for actual gold of equal value. That's how it was before President Nixon made the change.

Since Digital Dollars only exist as bits in a computer, you will need a digital wallet to receive them and spend them. We already have digital wallets that are being used for crypto currencies. I have one that holds all of my crypto assets. There are digital wallet apps for your smartphone today. With them you can spend, buy and save crypto currencies with businesses that accept them. The new Digital Dollar of the U.S. will become the new legal tender of the United States. It will be used everywhere you have been using paper money. I will get to the “How” later in this article.

What will the transition look like? Will it happen overnight? Will banks provide assistance by automatically converting your Dollars to Digital Dollars? We should be able to turn in our paper money at the bank and receive Digital Dollars in return. Since these are Digital Dollars we can move them from our bank to our Digital Wallet. There is no need to involve the bank when we buy something. It will be like carrying cash. As an aside, if your income is sent directly to your Digital Wallet, there will be no need to involve a bank for ANYTHING except getting loans. You will have your bank inside your phone. Just think about that. For businesses it will be a bump in the road. Most already use a point-of-sale system that accepts Credit and Debit cards. Adding Digital Dollars should be an easy add-on. It can actually have many advantages which I will expound on later.

Other countries have already created their own Digital Dollars. China has the Digital Yuan. Japan has the Digital Yen. Countries around the world are creating Digital Money to replace paper and coins. There are pipelines created that allow these different digital monies to move from one country to another using an intermediary crypto asset. The conversion in value happens automatically as value moves from one country to another.

What this means globally is a level playing field. No longer can money be weaponized like the U.S. Dollar has been. For decades world commodities have been valued in U.S.Dollars. If you wanted to buy U.S. goods, you have to pay for them in U.S. Dollars. This kept the value of the Dollar up and forced countries to buy and hold them. The rest of the world is tired of the heavy handed use of money. With each country creating their own form of Digital money called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the field of play is changing. It's not to say the games will not be played but there will be fewer to play.

Digital Wallet and it's use

Digital wallets will give us, the people, some real advantages. As the use of digital money takes hold and people realize the creative ways we can enhance buying and selling, we might actually be able to separate ourselves from reliance on banks and skip all those charges they love. Imagine, your digital wallet will have a unique address accessible through the Internet. Your paycheck, retirement distribution, social security, all going directly into your Digital Wallet instead of the bank. I won't go into the technology at this time but be assured, it will be safe. All Digital money will be managed, sent and received over a database called a ledger. Ledgers are encrypted with sophisticated algorithms and save every transaction made. From the time you receive your Digital Dollars to the time you spend them everything will be encrypted and saved. Some folks are concerned about theft, fraud and other scary things that could happen to their money. I site an example of the XRP Ledger where there have been millions of transactions over many years and not one was lost or changed. Some folks are leery of the Government knowing your every purchase. I ask why? Unless you are doing something underhanded, what does it matter? Imagine being able to track money coming into politician's coffers! Sophisticated researchers will come up with ways to audit those folks that go to Washington and become millionaires on $186,000 per year. I don't know if that will be a reality but I can hope.

What about criminals on the street? Cash has been king in the underworld. This may not stop all criminal movement of money but it will stymie most. You might still see druggies buying drugs on the corner but they will have to create digital transactions or use some other form of value. I believe it will be easier to detect and stop criminal activities.

What about you? How will you benefit? Let's look at some ideas I came up with.

1) We pay our income tax yearly and it is becoming increasingly difficult. What if, as an example, all taxes are collected at the point-of-sale, including a Federal Sales Tax. If the government would switch to a Sales Taxed revenue source it could eliminate the annual reporting requirement. Taxes would be sent, instantly, to the receiving entities. Taxes would flow into Digital accounts at the City, County, State and Federal level where applicable. Real-time tax collection. I would imagine the tax collectors would salivate at the idea. You would be able to get a report from the Ledgers of how and where you spent your money. How and where your tax dollars went. I think the benefits will far outweigh the scary stuff.

2) I hear people say “I won't be able to slip my Granddaughter a twenty dollar bill as a gift”. Why not? Digital wallet to Digital wallet is the same thing. The arguments against going cashless are usually weak. You can do everything with a Digital wallet that you can do with cash except the illegal stuff people try to hide.

3) Imagine you want to buy something like a “Song” for your smartphone or you home computer. What if you could go to a site, select the song to download, then see the distribution of the money you are about to spend? You might see the artist is actually getting a good portion and the distribution chain is getting little. If not, don't buy it there. Smart decisions of where to spend our money might be possible. Anything we wish to buy could be offered in this way. Want a new automobile? On-line Auto Sales might give you a real view of where the money is going. Perhaps I am being a little naive but I would hope that is where we might go.

4) Everything will have a QR code on it. You know, those funny square blotches that look like messed up checkerboards. You will be able to scan them and get tons of information. I am hoping things like place of origin, date-of-creation, possibly prior ownership, who knows what could be gotten from the ledger!

In general, I believe Digital Dollars are not the scary change people are making it out to be. We are a very creative society and can come up with some amazing ways to utilize this technology. Let's hope it is mostly for the good.

Are you stuck somewhere, hunkered down, chomping at the bit to get out and live again? As full-time RV'rs we love to travel this great country and see the many amazing places to visit and meet the wonderful people that make up our culture. We are hoping to get back on the road soon. In the interim we are setting up our new 2020 Outdoors RV 26kvs travel trailer and installing upgrades. I've done many so far and have a few left to do before we can drive off into the sunset.

Check out our previous BLOG post about installing our Battle Born Batteries and Victron electronics package.

While going through some of our external hard drives trying to get a handle on organizing the thousands of pictures, I started taking a virtual trip to the sites we visited last year. Come along with us to visit a few fun sites.

Arizona was one of our first destinations last year. Millions of years of sediment exposed to the weather make amazing peaks. In our short time in existence, mankind has looked at these and seen these peaks in exactly the same way. Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans have passed these peaks and looked on in wonder.

Outside Amarillo, Texas, is an interesting piece of art called Cadillac Ranch. To quote from Wikipedia “Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas, USA. It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm. The installation consists of ten Cadillacs buried nose-first in the ground”. One of the fun things to do is bring spray paint and color to your hearts content.

If you forget to bring some with you, you may find abandoned cans with some left in them. We were lucky and did. If the smell of paint bothers you, this might be a site to visit from a distance. It is about 50 yards from the highway and the ground is painted with graffiti as well.

Our trips so far were done in a 2018 Keystone Cougar 24rbs. We called her Serenity. She was a great starter rig for us. We learned, however, over time we needed a different floorplan and better seating options. You can see the 2016 F-150 we used to haul her around the country. We added a matching camper shell to give us some more storage since the RV had very little. The combo worked very well but we knew we would not be able to climb mountains nor could we stop safely in an emergency. The truck was just too light.

There are lots of great places to visit in Texas. Maybank is one of them. Tina's brother and family live there so we mooch-docked on their property for a couple of days visit. Walking the little old part of town is always interesting.

I won't dwell too much on the process of moving from a three bedroom home to a 24 foot travel trailer. Just know the process was brutal. We are still downsizing and will probably always be to keep things under our weight limit.

Closing day on the house opened up an entire new world of adventure and friends. We would not trade the opportunity for anything now.

Thousand Trails campground, in Whitney, Texas, was one of our first long term (three weeks) camping experiences. The sites are surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery.

You know you are in Texas when you stop for a coffee at McDonalds and see this!

When the bluebonnets are in bloom the hill country is amazing.

At the end of the day you can enjoy the cool night air and message friends on Facebook :–)

I knew we were doing what we were meant to do when we got these fortunes at the Asian King Buffet. We got the call that the house was sold right after this.

If you are fans of the Pioneer Woman like us, you would enjoy visiting Pawhuska, OK, for the 4th of July weekend. We spent three days there last summer. The Drummonds sponsor a huge celebration for the locals and the visitors.

Breakfast at “The Mercantile” was awesome. The quality was top notch. It was CROWDED!

We did some shopping after breakfast.

Just West of town is the Drummond Ranch. It actually is the entire Northeast corner of Oklahoma. On the ranch is the Lodge where they film the show “Pioneer Woman”. You can drive out to the Lodge and see every where they film. I stood right were she stands and wished that was my kitchen LOL

Outside the Lodge you can view to the East for miles. It is raised up on a bluff. The deck is a great place to sit and visit.

Down below, and to the right, you can see the rooftops of the Drummond home.

On the 4th we actually got to meet Ree upstairs at the Mercantile. They have a bakery with plenty of seating to enjoy scones and coffee. She was there signing autographs for her new cookbook. She was really what you see on the show. Genuinely interested in listening to our story. We were almost the last people in the line and she had been there for a couple of hours signing. She looked us in the eyes and listened to our nomad life adventure with genuine interest. Very nice person.

We were sorry to see the day end in Pawhuska. We did not stay in town for the fireworks but I hear they are pretty amazing.

We are stuck in Springtown, Texas, at James Burns house. He has an acre and we have water and electricity so we can't complain too much. I have to dump the black tank periodically using our 35 gallon tote but it's not too bad. If I am lucky, Lexie, the cat, will sit on my lap occasionally.

Our next adventure will be a long term travel plan that we are working on now. Lots will depend on how the states open up in the future. There is so much to see and do. We can't wait!

Where do I put my batteries and equipment?

We purchased a 2020 Outdoors RV in February, 2020. It is a 26kvs Mountain Series travel trailer. We have been researching for the last year ever since we went full time after selling the house. It's just the two of us and no children or pets. That made the choice of a smaller rig rather easy. We started out with a 2018 Keystone Cougar 24rbs and a 2016 F-150 V8 gas tow vehicle. While it was OK, it was still a one room RV with small windows. We discovered, in a hurry, that we wanted a separate bedroom and bigger windows so we could enjoy the incredible places we were visiting.

Our research led us to Outdoors RV, manufactured in the mountains of Oregon. The reasons would fill a BLOG of it's own. Suffice it to say we had a specific model picked out that satisfied all of the check boxes on our list of desirable features. We went to the Dallas RV show and bought one on site. They had to bring one down from Idaho for us. We picked it up two weeks later and moved in. We cannot be happier.

Our old rig had a solar power system I had pieced together and installed myself. When we traded up to the ORV I kept the equipment with the exception of the 4 solar panels. I really didn't want to try to remove them and leave a mess on the roof. The panels were 100 watt Renogy slims which served us well but we wanted more. More power or more panels. We also had built up the battery bank to 4 Battle Born Batteries. Each was 100 AH Lithium. They are amazing. That's another BLOG also. I purchased 2 more when Battle Born had their blemish sale on Black Friday for a total of 6.

That brings me to this point. The trailer has one pass through bay in the nose. I could put everything there and try to run cables to the breaker box somehow. I really did not want to tear into the underside of the RV. That opens up a can of worms I did not want to deal with. I must also admit that I am an Ambassador for Battle Born and love to brag on them every chance I get. Our living area has a dinette in the slide with the refrigerator on the drivers side.

Opposite that is a huge window with two recliners that are movable and swivel so you can watch TV, have conversations with visitors or turn to the window and have a terrific view. Under the window is a stretch of space from the pantry to the main door that's about six feet long. The bottom of the window is about 16 inches from the floor. It finally struck me that I could put everything there and make a display of sorts to show it off. I put my thinking cap on and came up with a plan. The breaker box is located at the bottom of the pantry! How convenient. I can penetrate the side of the pantry and run all cables directly to the back of the breaker box. So, how do I arrange the batteries and the electronics so it looks acceptable and is functional?

I needed some way to anchor everything in place so when we travel down the road, off-road as well, we did not throw everything all around the room! I decided to build a cabinet that would secure the batteries and allow me to mount the Victron Multi-Plus and Solar Controller. While designing the cabinet it hit me that it could also double as a table for the two recliners. I decided on simple pine wood and screws to make it both light weight as well as sturdy. I wanted the bottom to be one piece so everything is anchored together. The top (table part) only needed to cover the batteries. I build it so the table surrounded the batteries securely. The part between the batteries and the pantry was just going to be a solid bottom and back for mounting everything. Switches, buss bars, breakers, battery shunt and the Victron equipment would mount to either the bottom board or the back.

I finished the cabinet with two coats of sealer and two coats of a light blue flat water based enamel paint. I wanted it to match the soft earth tones of the decor but still stand out a bit. What do you think?

With the cabinet built, I placed it under the window and it fit perfectly. I installed the batteries and made additional cables to connect them together in parallel. This gives us 600 amp hours of 12 volts power. Plenty for several days of boon-docking. The rest of the equipment pretty much installed itself by following the circuit diagram and connecting everything with custom made cables. I made the cables from welding cable for the most part. All cables should be as thick, and as short, as possible for maximum efficiency and fewest losses.

I connected the new equipment in two phases. Phase one was the A/C side. Shore-power comes in on the slide out side (driver side), opposite the installation, and comes up from under the floor into the breaker box. It was simply a matter of splitting the romex wire and running the feed to the Victron Multi-Plus and from the Multi-plus back to the breaker box input. Now, shore-power comes in to the Victron and then is fed back to the A/C distribution side of the breakers. Having done that I reconnected the shore-power and fired it all up. A/C worked perfectly. At this point the Victron and the battery bank would be able to supplement our needs if we demanded more power than our hook-up could provide. The Victron was also charging the batteries as needed.

The next phase was to replace the power source for D.C., which was the lead acid battery on the tongue of the trailer. That was a matter of removing the front battery, disconnecting the inverter that came with the rig, and connecting the + & – cables to the terminals in the breaker box. We powered up and everything in the rig was now running on the new 12v power source.

I have some additional equipment that displays what the system is doing. There is the battery monitor, a BMV-712 from Victron that displays the state of the battery bank. There is also a control panel the displays the current state of the Multi-Plus and also allows me to turn a knob and limit the amount of current being taken from shore-power. If we mooch-dock at friends or family (like we are doing now) we could hook up to a 15 or 20 amp circuit and make sure we don't pop their breaker. The Victron will make up the needed 110v A/C from the batteries if needed. As long as the total does not exceed 30 amps all is well. I removed a blank panel next to the breaker box and manufactured a replacement that will be secured with velcro so I can access inside the cabinet as needed. I painted the panel matte black and I think it looks pretty good. I have one more display that gives an animated color graphic showing energy moving throughout the system.

The next phase will be installing the 4 solar panels I have purchased. They are 200 watts instead of the 100 watt older panels. A total of 800 watts of 12v should keep the batteries charged if we get some good sunlight.

Check out this short overview

All-In-All I am very pleased with how it turned out. I am looking forward to meeting many of you on the road and showing off the Battle Born & Victron equipment. Let me know what you think!

Like it or not, we are heading towards a digital world. Digital dollars are coming. Cryptocurrencies are already here. Digital Wallets are the way to hold all your digital assets and will be the way you will pay for things in the future. A cashless society is the goal of all this change in the financial world.

No more Hankey-Pankey with money under the table. Some say this is good. The taxman can get their cut at the point of transaction. No more filing tax returns at the end of the year. No more buying drugs on the street corner without it being known. No more sending money to the Cayman Islands as a tax shelter. All money will be viewable and auditable. On the other hand, if you are used to dealing in cash, this will not be good.

If we can get the government under control and reduce the taxes to what is necessary to fund meaningful spending from Washington, this will be a good thing. Not very likely. We can wish.

My point today is, it is coming. To prepare yourself, you should obtain a digital wallet that will accept various forms of digital assets. For example; XRP, bitcoin, ethereum, digital dollars (to come), gold, silver, etc. There are also various forms of wallets. Apps for your phone will be used to pay for things. Hardware wallets such as “Ledger Nano X”. Software wallets such as “XUMM”. To get a better understanding you can read about them at

The latest creation in the digital world is “PayID”. Up until now, when referring to a digital wallet, for XRP for example, you had to use a long string of letters and numbers (rnJy48Lh1fu7dELWV3U7ALSCFDyKipwbgR for example) that was very cumbersome. Now, you can register for a PayID and connect several digital assets under that name. If someone wants to send you digital dollars, or XRP, or bitcoin, they send it to your PayID. Just like the domain name system, your PayID will resolve to whatever digital asset wallets you have configured.

I have a PayID of “RogerCourtneySr$” that is set up to only receive and spend XRP. I also have one of “RogerCourtney.crypto” that will accept XRP, Ethereum, or bitcoin. If you wish to get ahead of the curve, you should get a PayID ASAP. Just like domain names for the Internet, all the best names will be taken.

If you are interested, you can get a domain name for .crypto or .zil at Unstoppable Domains. $40 for a domain name that will also serve as your PayID name. One time fee. For full disclosure, this is an affiliate link. Get your domain name before it is taken.

The latest buzz is getting a GlobalID to link your various Internet identities under one, unique, identity. An even bigger buzz is getting a PayID to allow sending and receiving assets using one, unique, monetary ID. I'm sure many will consider this the mark of the beast. Others will welcome it as a way of consolidating your many accounts into one easy to use Identification.

Note: all images are the property of GlobalID or PayID

Imagine being able to send money from your wallet, which is in dollars, to another person or business that might deal in Swiss Franks or Japanese Yen! Almost instant, almost free and follows all regulations regarding AML/CFT/CPF compliance. Imagine also, being able to receive money from ANYWHERE directly into your digital wallet without any intermediaries like banks, etc.

PayID is the answer. It was announced on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 by Ripple Corporation.

Read about the details at: and

Global ID is available now. Pay ID will be rolling out Q3 and Q4 from various services.

We are experimenting with a FREE video platform called Cinnamon.

Is a cover necessary for your RV? It depends on who you ask. It also depends on whether you RV part-time or full-time. I certainly would not want to struggle to put a cover on my RV if I knew I was going to use it in a week or two. So, why have one? When would it be appropriate? Let’s dive into those questions.

Take a look at this example

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Travel Trailer RV Cover, Fits 24' – 27' RVs – Breathable and Water Repellent Travel Trailer Cover

Why Have One?

The first and most obvious, answer is protection from harmful UV rays. They degrade color in the paint and will disintegrate fiberglass over time. Any rubber seals will become hard and loose the ability to seal.

* It keeps the outside AND the inside cleaner. Dust will still get in.

* It protects from the elements. Rain, snow and other things (think

birds) falling from the sky will accumulate on the roof.

* They can help shed water down the sides and not stain the RV itself.

* They can help ward off critters inside the RV.

Many people are against covers because of several factors.

* It usually takes more than one person to put it on and take it off.

* They can rip on sharp corners and objects on the RV.

* When they are wet they are very difficult to handle.

* You can easily break components on the roof while dragging the cover on or off.

* Many have zippers and clips that can be quite confusing.

When Would It Be Appropriate?

A great deal of the need for a cover comes from the environment in which it will be stored. Many store their RVs in storage lots for long periods. These almost always require a cover for both cleanliness and safety. Storing your RV under a canopy of trees? A cover would help protect against sap and other droppings from above (think birds).

Here is another example

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover – 28'7” – 31'6” , Gray

What Kind Of Cover?

There are many types of covers. Various fabrics are in use. Some are coated with UV resistant paint. Others have the UV built into the fabric itself. Some will have as many as three layers for the roof portion. There are cheap covers that only have one layer of fabric over the entire cover. Many have zippers or snaps. Some are modular and can be adjusted for many types and sizes of RV. If you are going to get one, get the best one you can afford. It will save you in the long run. RV repairs can be extremely costly.

A Fabric Cover Or A Structure?

Some people are content with parking their RV under some sort of permanent shelter. They will protect from much of the water and UV damage. Unless it is RV Pole Barn entirely closed in, the UV rays will still affect an uncovered RV. Even under a structure pests can drop little presents on the roof with can erode paint and roofing material. If you have solar panels on the roof they can get covered with debris. Be prepared for a lengthy process getting it ready for use when you are ready to camp. A covered shelter does not protect from blowing dust. Critters can still get in no matter what you do. They will require some other means of repelling.


The ultimate decision is yours. How much do you want to spend to protect your investment. Are you willing to wrestle putting the cover on and off? For the best protection, a cover over the RV and a shelter over that is required. Some sort of rodent/critter deterrent would help protect the underside.

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