Coil – What is it? How can I use it? What does it cost?

Are you tired of advertising messages? Interested in a new paradigm for monetizing web content? If you are a YouTube channel owner that is tired of jumping through hoops, let me tell you about a new way of funding Internet content that has the tables turned in your favor., along with and, are websites that provide free platforms for BLOG'rs, Video Makers and general posters to present their work. Coil members load an extension into their browsers and pay $5 per month to view advertisement free content. If you are not a paying Coil customer, you can still see the content, if the provider allows it. Content creators can control the free vs paid portions as they see fit.

Coil members, who have paid accounts, will cause micro-payments to stream to the content provider, in real time, while they are reading a BLOG, watching a video or browsing Umger. You can watch unlimited content, advertising free, for one low monthly payment. No more tracking to push targeted ads. No more wasted space on your screen for hundreds of unwanted ads.

YouTube content creators can ALSO earn micro-payments from their videos from day one. No more qualifying views and subscribers. And the best part! You can do BOTH simultaneously. You can embed Youtube videos in your BLOG posts and make money from both. If you have a website you can add a line of code at the top and monetize your entire site! Just viewing the pages of your site will generate micro-payments.

Get started today with your free accounts. Subscribe for only $5 per month and start enjoying ad free content. If enough people get on-board we can change the way we pay for content and do it on OUR terms.