Digital is coming!

Like it or not, we are heading towards a digital world. Digital dollars are coming. Cryptocurrencies are already here. Digital Wallets are the way to hold all your digital assets and will be the way you will pay for things in the future. A cashless society is the goal of all this change in the financial world.

No more Hankey-Pankey with money under the table. Some say this is good. The taxman can get their cut at the point of transaction. No more filing tax returns at the end of the year. No more buying drugs on the street corner without it being known. No more sending money to the Cayman Islands as a tax shelter. All money will be viewable and auditable. On the other hand, if you are used to dealing in cash, this will not be good.

If we can get the government under control and reduce the taxes to what is necessary to fund meaningful spending from Washington, this will be a good thing. Not very likely. We can wish.

My point today is, it is coming. To prepare yourself, you should obtain a digital wallet that will accept various forms of digital assets. For example; XRP, bitcoin, ethereum, digital dollars (to come), gold, silver, etc. There are also various forms of wallets. Apps for your phone will be used to pay for things. Hardware wallets such as “Ledger Nano X”. Software wallets such as “XUMM”. To get a better understanding you can read about them at

The latest creation in the digital world is “PayID”. Up until now, when referring to a digital wallet, for XRP for example, you had to use a long string of letters and numbers (rnJy48Lh1fu7dELWV3U7ALSCFDyKipwbgR for example) that was very cumbersome. Now, you can register for a PayID and connect several digital assets under that name. If someone wants to send you digital dollars, or XRP, or bitcoin, they send it to your PayID. Just like the domain name system, your PayID will resolve to whatever digital asset wallets you have configured.

I have a PayID of “RogerCourtneySr$” that is set up to only receive and spend XRP. I also have one of “RogerCourtney.crypto” that will accept XRP, Ethereum, or bitcoin. If you wish to get ahead of the curve, you should get a PayID ASAP. Just like domain names for the Internet, all the best names will be taken.

If you are interested, you can get a domain name for .crypto or .zil at Unstoppable Domains. $40 for a domain name that will also serve as your PayID name. One time fee. For full disclosure, this is an affiliate link. Get your domain name before it is taken.