Ford Super Duty Warning

If you have an F250 or F350 Super Duty with Diesel engine, be aware of a real potential for a very bad day. I am not sure just what models of Ford Diesel engines use this type of upper fuel filter, so I am making this a pretty generic warning. Check yours to see if it is this one.

The filter on the right is the lower filter cartridge that goes in the canister under the drivers side door. No problems there. Unfortunately, the plastic canister on the left is the upper filter that sits in a cup on top of the engine. Here you can see it in place.

On my 2016 there are two hose connections for fuel in and fuel out. On 2017 and newer, there are three. The canister is made in two parts, the top, which you can see here, and the bottom cup, which is not visible here. It comes as a glued together unit. My filter was a replacement Ford Motor Company part which I purchased on Amazon as a set. You cannot buy them separately. We started noticing diesel smell shortly after the fuel filters were replace by me. Being new to owning a diesel truck, I was not sure if that was a normal thing so I put it to the back of my mind.

We moved from Springtown, Texas, to Lake Whitney last Wednesday. When we arrived I went through the normal process of parking the RV in a camp spot when I noticed a large puddle of diesel fuel under the truck. I maneuvered the RV as quickly as I could unto place and shut off the truck. The next morning I checked out what was going on and found when I turned on the truck diesel fuel started squirting out of the side of the upper filter ALL OVER THE ENGINE! I could not believe my luck that the truck had not burned to the ground.

I did some research and found this is a very common problem with this particular part. I also found a really good solution.

The H&S Motorsports 121003 Fuel Filter Conversion allows you to use a less expensive, higher flowing fuel filter in your 2011-2015 6.7L Powerstroke. This kit removes the factory style plastic fuel filter and converts it to a WIX 33386 fuel filter. As an added bonus, the H&S Motorsports Fuel Filter Housing also doubles as a fuel distribution block for those running multiple high-pressure injection pumps. Features: Easy Installation Converts O.E. Filter To WIX 33386. This kit is around $169.00 plus shipping. I paid $90 for an OEM replacement filter set, at a local parts store, to get by for now. I see this as insurance for the future. You never know when the canister will crack and your truck might catch fire.

I have not received my kit yet but the video instructions (available on the manufacturers website) are very clear and complete and I am expecting no issues during the install. I will update this article after I install it.