Walkie-talkie headphones – accessories you should not ignore

If the radio accessory was of most recent interest, it was the radio headset. Unlike the necessary batteries and antennas for normal operation, the user does not have to use the headset with the device and can still use it normally. However, “radio headset” is always the most searched keyword among today's popular radio accessories and always loved by users and used with equipment. Join Vietnam Telecom to learn more about this accessory!

1. Walkie-talkie outward appearance

Most walkie-talkies are designed to be very compact, there may be a clip on the ear to keep the headset from falling or missing. However, there is still a form of a hooded radio headset, but this design is only for those who do not have to move much outside, just sitting in one place to transmit communication.

Headphones may or may not be included with the microphone. The headset is designed with a metal jack to connect the device. Headphones are often designed with a mounting on the shirt to help keep the headphones from falling off. About the volume control keys, depending on the model, not all headphones on the market have.

2. The use of radios

Headphones; radios work to make the sound reach the user's ears clearer and clearer. This will help users to receive information easily and accurately, helping to improve work efficiency. The use of headsets with radios also makes information more secure, easily visible to radios users in security, protection, security, ... all prefer to use additional types. this accessory. In addition, the use of a radio headset will help users hands-free to do many other things, this utility is very useful for professions that have to do many things at once such as hotels, restaurants, ...

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3. The life of the headset

There is no exact number on headphone lifespan. Typically, a headset will work well for about 1-2 years or even more if used and stored properly. However, if not used carefully, your headphones can fail quickly after a few months. Therefore, in order for the device to be used for a long time, you should keep and preserve the headphones and radios properly.

4. How to use and preserve the headset

When buying, you just need to plug the plug of the headset into the corresponding socket on the radio; put on the headset to be able to use normally. If the headset has a jacket, put it on the lap to allow the headset to be fixed; avoid falling and causing damage. In addition, you should also regularly clean the headset, to avoid dust getting into the components inside the headset. Do not wrap the headset too tightly, it is easy to cut the headset. Properly used and stored, your headphones will last longer.

5. Can another headset manufacturer use the same radio?
Answer is possible. As long as the headphone jack fits into the headset jack of the radio; you can completely use a different brand without compromising. However, you should still seek advice or try it out in person; spot purchase to make sure the headphones are working properly.

6. Where can I buy headphones; where can I buy radios?
Currently there are many forms of purchase that users can refer to; if you want to buy headphones such as buying directly at the store, buying online, ...; But to ensure the right purchase, genuine, good quality and you should look for it; the radios and accessories distributors have full documentation and long-term warranties. Vietnam Telecom, we are the biggest radio and accessories distributor in Vietnam today. In case you need advice, contact us, we are always ready to help you.

More than 40 US states are about to sue Facebook

A group of US states led by New York is planning to sue Facebook for monopolistic practices.

Specifically, there will be more than 40 states participating in the lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg's social network. This is considered the second largest lawsuit against a company in “Big Tech” this year, after the Justice Department's lawsuit against Google.

Facebook declined to comment. The New York State Attorney General has not yet commented.

Also according to the source, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may be the representative agency to file a lawsuit with the US district court. The content of the application was not disclosed. In past Facebook-directed antitrust lawsuits, suitors often target the world's largest social network trying to acquire potential competitors at high prices, such as the 2012 purchase of Instagram or WhatsApp in 2014.

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In previous hearings, Zuckerberg often argued that Facebook always faced a host of competitors in the market, including big name technology firms. He also defended his acquisitions, emphasizing that purchases have helped small companies of insignificant size become big businesses.

The US Department of Justice and the FTC began antitrust investigations against four major tech companies, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google, from 2019. Of these, Google and Facebook were “noticed” the most.

Gmail creates automatic links for addresses and phone numbers

After all, Gmail has also supported users to add a more convenient feature, which is to create a link for an address or phone number to appear in the user's email.

According to the Engadget news site, the next time someone sends you an address via email, you will not need to copy and paste it in the Maps application after reading the email, but you can immediately click on there.

Google has just rolled out an updated version that allows their email client to add the ability to automatically create hyperlinks for addresses, email addresses as well as phone numbers that appear in emails.

This will certainly be a welcome feature, especially since many other email clients have provided similar convenience features for a long time.

With the new upgrade, you can now always click on the link in the address to look up its actual location on Google Maps.

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Likewise email addresses also include a link to automatically open the compose window of your default email client, phone numbers will lead to a default calling application window if you are using the device. mobile.

Addresses and phone numbers will be hyperlinked whether you are using Android or iOS on a mobile device, or using a web browser on a computer.

Particularly on your computer, although you cannot make calls, you can still open Google Maps and compose a new email with just one click.

This feature, according to technology news site Engadget, has already started working. However, if you immediately do not see it on your Gmail account, do not worry too much.

Google says it may take up to 3 days for them to roll out the new feature across all users' Gmail accounts.

What to do when thousands of letters to Santa Claus send to ... your house?

Jim Glaub (40 years old) and Dylan Parker (39 years old) used to live in a house located on West 22nd Street, Manhattan, New York, USA. Every Christmas season, there are many letters from children that are intended to be sent to Santa Claus, but for some reason, address their home, up to now, thousands of letters have been sent in 10 years. since they moved in this house back in 2010.

Before moving to live here, the two had been informed in advance of the possibility of receiving strange letters from children every Christmas, the previous owners also met this incident and they will also meet. right. Jim and Dylan did not hesitate at this, though strange and confusing, that the babies got the specific address of the house.

The very first year Jim and Dylan moved here, they received hundreds of letters back to ... Santa Claus. There are many very touching letters, sent by babies living in difficult circumstances, they say that they have been very docile throughout the year, so I hope Santa Claus will send warm shoes and blankets. warm and food for their families in the winter ...

At first, Jim and Dylan wondered what to do with the letters sent, but then they decided to write back to the children. Gradually, it became a meaningful activity for them before each Christmas, to the point that relatives and friends were caught up in the process, and received support from two in writing letters to the children.

At first, Jim and Dylan were also wondering what to do with the letters sent.

In times of overwhelming children's letters, Jim and Dylan also had to rely on the assistance of volunteers that they could contact through social media.

Talking about the strange features of this house, Mr. Jim said: “The man who lived in this house before we informed us that every Christmas there will be a letter sent to Santa Claus. is on the doorstep, but he said there are only a few dozen letters, but even on the first Christmas in 2010, we received about 400 letters, we were really shocked.

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There are days when the mail arrives so much that the postman cannot put it all into the family mailbox. Most of these letters were sent by poor children living in New York, which touched Jim and Dylan very much. They decide to hold a small party, invite relatives and close friends to attend.

When the party was about to end, they held out a mailbox and started telling the story, everyone quickly understood the idea and received replies to help a number of messages.

The apartment where Jim and Dylan used to live

At the same time, Jim and Dylan also quickly set up a non-profit charity to help make the simple dreams of poor babies come true at Christmas, they named the foundation “ Miracle on 22nd Street “(Miracle on 22nd).

In addition to the gifts to help lift the kids up for Christmas, Jim and Dylan, along with relatives and friends, will write replies to them. So far, their group has answered about 2,000 letters over the past Christmas seasons.

Jim and Dylan have now moved out of this strange apartment, but they make sure to continue to keep in regular contact with the new owner every Christmas, so that they keep the letters of the children coming in and then forward for Jim and Dylan.

So far, their group has answered about 2,000 letters over the past Christmas seasons

Dylan thinks there may have been a philanthropist who lived at the site in the past: “Over the years, as we continued to work on writing letters and sending gifts to the children, I became less concerned with the reason. Why is the mail being sent to this address, instead, I am more concerned with what to do because it is all real people and stories, I only have the time, energy and mind to Find out what the letter is expecting, what we can do ... “.

Bitcoin price hit $ 23,000 when the on-chain analyst said $ 55,000 was the 'next milestone'

Bitcoin (BTC) price broke through the $ 21,000 – $ 22,000 resistance range to climb above a new high of $ 23,200 on December 17. Meanwhile, on-chain analyst Willy Woo currently says $ 100,000 is a target “ unreasonably low ”.

Weekly chart of BTC / USD (Bitstamp). Source: Tradingview
The $ 21,000 level is especially important for Bitcoin to continue to rise in price in the near term. The exchange's heat map shows sell orders stacked between $ 21,000 and $ 21,500, meaning that the price of BTC must break out to see a broader uptrend.

The Bitcoin Top Cap Model set $ 100,000 as a conservative target. Source:
Exchange heat map does not show resistance and areas with large sell orders above $ 22,000. In the short term, this means that the probability of BTC continuing to rise is very high.

Due to the optimistic market sentiment and the sell-off crisis, Woo said BTC's Top Cap Model shows $ 100,000 as “ridiculously low target”. He say:

We're not at an all-time high that BTC's Top Cap Pattern starts to curve up. Let's see how high it will run in 2021. $ 100k is a ridiculously low target in current orbit. $ 55k is the next milestone -> Bitcoin becomes a group of macro assets of $ 1 trillion.

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Woo emphasized that $ 55,000 is the key price of Bitcoin as it means that BTC will reach 10% of the market cap of gold.

Currently, the valuation of gold is estimated at around $ 9 trillion. Above $ 50,000, Bitcoin will start to make up a relatively large share of the market capitalization of gold, which remains the dominant safe-haven asset.

Bitcoin order book and heat map. Source: Material Indicators
The order book on exchanges and the trend of volume also showed that traders moved their sell orders higher, expecting Bitcoin to rise to $ 30,000 after the last $ 20,000 broke down on the day. yesterday.

If the dynamics of futures, options, and spot markets persist throughout the coming days, the probability of BTC hitting $ 30,000 remains high.

Direction for gold price this week?

Surveyed at 9.20am this morning (December 7), the price of SJC gold bars at Saigon Jewelry Company Limited (SJC) is at 54.60 – 55.15 million VND / tael, down 100 thousand VND / tael. volume in the selling direction compared to the surveyed price at the end of last week. The difference between buying and selling prices was shortened to 550 thousand dong / tael.

Meanwhile, the retail price of Doji gold in Hanoi also decreased by 50 thousand VND / tael in the buying direction and 100 thousand VND / tael sold out, currently being traded at around 54.50-55.20 million VND / tael. amount. The difference between buying and selling prices was at 700 thousand dong / tael.
This is the second consecutive decline session of this precious metal. Last week, each amount of SJC gold increased by about 450 thousand dong, equivalent to 0.83% of its value, marking the first week of price increases in a month.

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On the world market, the spot gold price on Kitco is currently traded at 1,837.6 USD / ounce, down 0.5 USD, or 0.03% compared to the previous session.
Converted to the exchange rate at Vietcombank, the world gold price is being traded at 51.4 million dong / tael, about 3.2 million dong / tael lower than the domestic gold price.
This week's gold price forecast survey conducted by Kitco shows that market sentiment is quite positive with most of the opinions that the precious metal price will continue to increase.
Specifically, up to 71% of experts forecast that the gold price will increase this week while only 7% think that the gold price will decrease and 21% keep a neutral view.
The results of the online survey also overwhelmed with 65% of investors thinking that the price of gold would increase, only 20% thinking that the price will decrease and 15% thinking that the price of gold will go sideways.
According to analysts, the number of Covid-19 infections will continue to increase, leading to an economic situation that is not able to prosper in the short term will be factors supporting the precious metal market.
However, experts also note that in the context of many investment channels are maintaining the excitement, in which Bitcoin is expected to exceed $ 20,000 / Bitcoin will cause capital flows in the market to be dispersed and the channel is hidden. Gold is no longer considered a priority.

Only a few decades, the garment industry will gradually 'extinct'

The earth is suffering from the consequences of man-made, excess CO2 and emissions have caused the horrifying rage of nature.

In the last decade, the earth's temperature has risen about 0.8 degrees Celsius and it is estimated that by 2100, most countries will fall into winter hunger when the temperature increases by 6 degrees Celsius.

In just a few decades, the garment industry will be the bleakest market when the drop in price to the floor, regardless of loss compensation, will not make consumers sad.

When the massive thawing phenomenon in the Northern Hemisphere is not enough to worry retailers, this year, countries along the two sides of the Atlantic are experiencing terribly hot winters.

Last year, Christmas and New Year brought huge sales and profits to the stores, this year cool fashion is still popular in the middle of winter.

The Santa Clause on the river was free of ice, the weather was so hot that the boatmen wouldn't want to wear their clothes in mid-winter.

In the US, two fashion consulting companies Planalytics and Weather Trends found that: Although the price of the floor stage, the demand for shopping is still standing still.

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Planalytics estimated that stores lost $ 185 million in November (higher than expected $ 166 million) due to the hot phenomenon in the US East and Midwest. This bleak situation will continue until the end of the year when the temperature frame forecast remains high.

If Santa does not bring cold winds, the 30% drop in key areas such as Boston, New York, Chicago, ... is inevitable.

Meanwhile, a powerful assistant for big retailers like Walmart, Weather Trends, stated that: Each cooling down level will increase 3% – 5% of sales.

However, New York this year is suffering the same fate of an unusually cold winter, so revenue from super warm fleece shirts has decreased by 60% compared to last year.

Not getting better, a series of H&M stores in Europe only achieved 20% of sales, the reason was nothing but winter weather like last September.

As a result, warm clothes are piled up in preparation for mass discounts after Christmas. If last year's highest discharge rate was 50%, to avoid next year's congestion, the supplier may have to accept a 75% drop in unprecedented levels in years.

Negative variations of the weather are detrimental to suppliers when it is impossible to foresee the heat level for varying output high and low. Blaming nature doesn't help, but instead all of us for spreading the cause will have to depend on themselves to correct the rule of law.

Health goals for the new year

Regular exercise, cooking at home, getting enough sleep, helping the body be healthier in 2020.

The New Year is a “golden” time to set goals in life, improve your health such as losing weight, eating healthy, starting exercise habits ...

However, by the middle of the year, many people tend to be depressed, put aside their plans until next year and continue to give up after just a few months of trying. The key to breaking that loop is to build simple, yet effective, long-term habits.

Eat plenty of whole foods

One of the easy and sustainable ways to improve your health is to eat whole, unrefined foods like whole grains, nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables.

Research shows that adherence to this diet can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lose weight, stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Deep and quality sleep

Sleep is an essential part of human health. Lack of sleep can lead to serious consequences such as weight gain, heart disease and depression.

The reasons for lack of sleep are extremely diverse, from busy schedules to general life pressures. Therefore, it is important to improve the quality of sleep to regulate your lifestyle, reduce the time you spend on your phone, and go to bed at a fixed time.

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Be physically active

Many studies show that sitting too much can negatively affect human health, increasing the risk of dying from diseases in general. Setting a hard-working goal is a simple and effective way to adjust your lifestyle and make your body healthier.

For office workers, experts recommend walking for 15 minutes at every lunch break and doing light exercise every hour.

Home meal

A study of 11,396 adults showed that regularly cooking at home results in a healthier, low-fat diet compared to eating out.

However, in urban areas, busy living makes processed food or fast food restaurants an easier choice. Experts suggest that you can start by cooking yourself one meal a day and gradually increasing the frequency.

Periodic medical examination

Regular check-up is an extremely necessary thing, but many people take it lightly. In fact, some dangerous diseases do not show symptoms until the late stage.

Periodic health examination helps to detect diseases early, have timely treatment and save costs. Many people believe that the overall examination not only wastes time, but also costs money, while the body is completely healthy. However, the cost of treatment when the disease has worsened will be much higher than the regular check-up.

Save the Spring Garden of Central South North: Should be done well ...

After many months since the public discovered that Nguyen Gia Tri's North Central Spring Garden National Treasure was damaged, the 'future' of this painting is still a big question.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts is expected to hold a seminar in November to revolve around the restoration of works. But how to fix the painting, even if it should be done ... are still issues with mixed opinions among experts, lacquer painters.

Who will take over?

After many meetings of stakeholders, from the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports, the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts to the representative of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, you can say almost painter Nguyen Xuan Viet – studied The painter Nguyen Gia Tri (1908 – 1993) – is the one chosen to restore the Spring Garden of the Central, South and North.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet is knowledgeable about his teacher's techniques and has directly completed the final stages of this painting. Artist Nguyen Xuan Viet also received two photo albums of the North Central and South Central Spring Garden before and after the damage from the HCM City Fine Arts Museum.

According to painter Nguyen Xuan Viet, in the project of restoring, repairing and restoring the painting, he plans to use Japanese gold and silver to reduce the color shades, make the egg layer sink when looking at the whole and draw. some details were blown away by the sandpaper.

Each step of reduction, sharpening, and adjustment can take a few months, then take about a year and a half to fully restore the painting, and it takes 8-10 years for the color layers to evenly and settle. .

Artist Nguyen Xuan Viet also expressed his wish to restore the painting with his own team. He shared: “Editing of lacquer works requires understanding from a team for a long time. So I only get to restore the painting when no one interrupted my work.

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Although I am offended by many people, I will still present this point of view in the upcoming seminar. “However, a source from Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts said that if according to Mr. Viet, it would be very difficult for the museum side. when reporting the project and monitoring and acceptance.

Some painters and lacquer restoration experts suggested inviting the old lacquer painter Hoang Tram to comment on editing the painting, but painter Hoang Tram was old, weak and before that he was frank. expressed the opinion that this painting should not be corrected because it will further damage the spirit of the painting.

More research is needed

Artist Nguyen Xuan Viet said that if he could only find suitable Japanese materials, he could immediately begin repairing the North Central Spring Garden. However, many opinions suggest that restoring works right now is not the right thing to do.

“In order to restore the Central-South-North Spring Garden, we need to study for more years, to avoid the case the more wrong and the more serious the case is,” said Luong Xuan Doan, vice president of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Lacquerer Nguyen Tuan Cuong also said that it takes more time to research correction options. “I know the Japanese have restored a box of lacquer over 100 years old that has peeled off in corners, edges.

They take lasers and analyze each paint layer very carefully, apply each part and use lasers to compare whether the new color can be mixed with the old paint or not. If seen with the naked eye, even the artists and experts could not judge whether the paintings were recovered or not “– said painter Nguyen Tuan Cuong.

Meanwhile, painter Ly Truc Son shared that it was difficult to consult international experts: “Vietnam's lacquer is not like other countries. The Japanese make fine-art lacquer with a standard process, so experts or even a craftsman can easily be restored.

And artistic lacquer with the free creativity of Vietnamese artists, especially Nguyen Gia Tri, can only be based on other works and carefully study his color scheme “ .

Artist Tran Ngoc Hung – who used to repair paintings by artists Nguyen Gia Tri, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, and Nguyen Sang – affirmed that the field of lacquer painting restoration has its own regulations. In order to restore in which area, the performer must make a specific zoning, depending on the overall painting to determine the amount of sulfur to be removed, not to draw more on the work ...

“The lacquer painting of Nghiem and Sang tool is quite thin, so it can easily crack the surface if not careful. Meanwhile, Tri's painting is thicker, so the restoration is easier” – painter Tran Ngoc Hung said.

How to deodorize urine in the room

Children, the elderly, pets and a drunk father are responsible for causing your room to appear unpleasant. How to deodorize the room quickly and keep the air in the room always fragrant and fresh? Join Vesinhnnha to see how to deodorize urine in the room through the article below!

Although diapers and trouser diapers are an effective method of preventing odors from coming from the room, you cannot put babies and seniors on diapers for 24 hours. In addition, dogs and cats will occasionally urinate in the wrong place.

Deodorize urine on the mattress with 70 degrees alcohol

Few people know that 70 degree alcohol is the simplest and most effective deodorant. Alcohol can help prevent protein biosynthesis, freezing and death of bacteria.

But not all alcohol can deodorize. There are many places that will recommend 90 degrees alcohol. However, this is a volatile alcohol, so to effectively disinfect you should use 70 degree alcohol is the best!

Here's how to do it:

You put a little water on the mattress that is contaminated with urine. Next, use one or several dry cloth towels and place them on the spot where you just poured the water. Then use your feet to step vigorously to suck the urine out of the mattress.

After the urine is completely drained, put the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it on the urine, let it dry. Since the alcohol evaporates quickly and can kill bacteria, after spraying, you can let it dry naturally or use a fan.

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Use Resparkle air sanitizer spray

If you don't like the smell of alcohol you can use a Resparkle air deodorant spray. This is a reducing product with 100% organic ingredients. In addition to the function of deodorizing the room, dehumidifying, this “warrior” is also capable of killing up to 99.99% of dangerous bacteria such as Ebola virus, chickenpox, H5N1, and causing bacteria. other respiratory tract infections, ...

Usage is very simple, you just need to dry the place with urine on the blanket, mattress. Then spray Resparkle straight up on the area where it is claimed to have killed the odor causing bacteria!

How to deodorize urine in the room with vinegar and hot water
This is a fairly simple and economical way to do it, and can be used to deodorize toilets and bathrooms.

Mix 1: 2 vinegar and hot water, then use a spray bottle and spray on any surface contaminated with urine or the smell of urine in the toilet.

Let it sit for 20-10 minutes for the vinegar to soak in the contaminated area of ​​urine, then wipe it off.

For mattresses, after deodorizing with vinegar, sprinkle baking soda on for 20 minutes to soak, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the smell completely.

How to deodorize the room with baking soda
This is an effective and safe method to help you remove odors in the toilet, toilet.


 Baking soda powder
Lemon juice
White vinegar
Old toothbrush
Quantitative cup
Step 1: Mix the mixture
You squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into a bowl. Then add baking soda to the lemon juice to make a thick paste (neither too thin nor too thick, at least it should be smooth).

Step 2: Apply the mixture on the part that has the smell

To do this, you can use a rubber glove so the mixture does not stick to your hands.
Apply and rub the mixture on toilet seats, plastic hinges, lid, toilet lid, around the water tank. Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes.

Open the lid of the toilet bowl and add 1 cup of pure vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes.

While you wait for the lemon and baking soda mixture to work, clean other bathroom areas such as walls, the area around the toilet, sink, bathtub, and floor with rags and mix. Suitable for scrubbing and removing odors.