How to manually repair the overlock machine when you encounter basic errors

If you often experience thread tangles, thread breakage, nose removal, or needle breakage, but you do not know how to quickly fix, take a long time and delay the completion of the product. Hope this article will help you in sewing.

Conventional wringers have 4 types:
3 thread extractor machine: 1 needle, 2 hook
4 thread extractor machine: 2 needles, 2 hooks
Overlock machine with 5 threads: 2 needles, 3 hooks
6 thread extractor machine: 3 needles, 3 hooks

Causes of thread breakage, nose removal, needle breakage

The thread tension and strength must ensure that the index matches the needle count.
All lines only have the ball, the underside of the coin must be ball
If the needle thread is broken, check whether the needle is bent or bent, and whether or not the needle thread is brushed against the presser foot.

The front hook ensures gloss and head end, because the hook catches on the thread line, the needle also causes thread breakage. When the needle is down, take the back hook if the spool is too large, it also causes thread breakage.

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Causes of front hook thread breakage: Check whether the back hook is shiny, scratched, scratched, or punctured on the thread.
The cause of the following hook thread breakage: Check whether the needle is inserted into the rear hook thread, whether there is heavy weight on the back of the rear hook.
Check whether the front hook has kicked the needle missing part or the needle is so heavily pressed, so the back hook is behind, rubbing against the eight needle supports or presser foot.

Fabric pushers and cloth clippers

The guillotine must ensure correct and sharp mounting.
In case of wide margin correction: Do not adjust the knife below the blade part of the needle support plate.

If a large shearing product is required, it is up to the product to adjust the narrow width of the march.

The compression of presser foot and serrated must be harmonious: When thick fabric is pieced together, it is necessary to raise serrated, when elastic, presser foot heavily.

Note :
If the product has elasticity, adjust the thread level, the bottom surface of the presser must ensure gloss. Usually the 3 thread and 4 thread extractor are the same.

The 5-thread and 6-thread spinning machine is normal, the sewing thread looks like the 3-thread or 4-thread spinning machine.

When machine 5 only removes the shrimp bed (slope), it can be used as a 3-thread spin machine.

When machine 6 only removes 2 chain links (shrimp bed, slope), we can use it as 4-thread machine. When adjusting the 5 and 6 thread machines, the machine has 5 and 6 thread threads, 1 upper and 1 lower hook runs out to the chain link thread (shrimp bed, slope), the lower hook has thread digging fruit. If the peach is incorrectly adjusted, the nose will still be removed and the thread is broken.

Adjust peach thread jerky
Use the nape of the needle as a mold.
When hook back injury, only start jerking from 2-3mm. If you want to chop only, when piecing depends on the nature of the product, you can adjust the peach thread later.

Stretchy knit fabric can adjust the peach goose more thread, the hook reach with the needle earlier than the hook of the wring line.
Change the procession

When replacing the 5-thread or 6-thread spin extractor circuit breaker: If the machine can rotate the needle cylinder, turn the needle post into the correct needle hole, and the wrench cannot rotate the needle post, turn the needle holder into the correct needle support hole.

With 5-thread machine, 2 needles are in the correct needle support hole, when adjusting a large distance, if the hook of the slope does not reach the correct level of the needle missing part, open the upper cover to adjust the screw accordingly.