Radio Hula – Cover/Lesson

There is a paralyzing fear that follows me around in my professional career. It's the kind of debilitating fear that Edger Allen Poe lamented about in, 'The Raven.' You know the kind. It's the kind of fear that keeps you up all night until morning creeps in through the window to let you know that you now have to start the day on no sleep. It's that kind of fear.

What is this fear, you ask?

Is it the fear of falling on stage?

If only I was this graceful...


No... try again

Is it a fear of breaking a string on stage?

If only I had this much control...


No... One more guess.

Is it the fear of female listeners not being able to control themselves when they hear my singing voice?

The director recalled to a journalist years later that he had gotten the idea for the opening scene to, “A Hard Day's Night” after watching a crowd of females go nuts after a NickelNDime show.


Nope sorry

The thought that repeats over and over in my brain is...

What if I'm playing a gig somewhere and someone requests a Slack Key Guitar piece, and I don't know how to play it and then everybody stands up at once and calls me a fraud?




Never mind if nobody has ever requested it, there's always a chance. Well, I got tired of losing sleep over not knowing how to play Slack-key and decided to do something about it!

What the heck is Slack – key guitar?

Slack – key guitar is Hawaiian fingerstyle guitar music. The origins of the genre are pretty interesting. When cowboys from Mexico introduced their Spanish guitars to Hawaiians in the late 1800's, the Hawaiians did not care for how the instruments sounded. So, they tuned the strings until it sounded pleasant to their ears! I'm always fascinated when cultures collide and a new music genre is born.

To say Slack – key has a different tuning on the guitar is quite the understatement. There are over 50 different tunings for Slack – key guitar!

The actual reason I learned this song was because it's been playing on my wife's music station and I thought it would be nice to play something I knew she enjoyed. Also I found that learning something completely out of your wheel house is always a great way to break out of learning ruts we can all fall into!

Anyways... Hope you enjoy it!

Isn't it so relaxing to listen to?

NickelNDime, out!

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