Yesterday I thought

Of letting go

A step forward

An intense pressure

Bearing my chest

A twisting body

Brakes and smoke

Not worth the terror

In their tired eyes

Their innocence lost

In the wind of my perish

A selfish wish

One that will never come

I will never let go

Still can’t get out

Of my young memories

Our precious laughs

Tarnished by the morning news

Still hopeful for a world

That doesn’t feel real

Assembling words

Out of our bond


A desire to draw in the sand

A lost wish of being

Still lost in pain

Stil laughing at everything

By a cold imaginary lagoon

Two ways

And a hundred meters

Above a muted crowd

Every step on the pavement

Our words and our shouts

Muffled by

A deafening noise

Echoed by infinite walls


In the sky between

Monuments of greed

Closed balconies

Stone and blue glass

And cold winter steel

I'll wait for your sleep

Become a figment past your breath

Say, just a couple hours

Just to not be here, nor there

Drunken in the voices

Echoes of the sand

A mere glimpse of golden

Of tired hands and screens

Until dawn comes again