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Braindumping the thoughts swirling in my head

Ok, are y'all ready to talk about some shit? Here is what really gets me.

We all come from source energy. Love is the essence of what we ALL are. So many people really agree with that. Religions talk about unconditional love, and modern-day spirituality often talks about oneness, and that we all come from God, or a loving source.

But then when people start to act up, whether it's someone you know or a world leader – all of a sudden that all goes out the window.

It's some hilarious shit. Why even have religion? Why even call yourself spiritual?

Without a doubt, if a madman is invading your country you should defend it. If someone is going to hit you, get out of the way or hit them back if they won't leave you alone. While we are all actors and actresses in this global play – the situations are very real. This isn't Disney land. What exists here on Earth is the full spectrum of possible human experiences. You really can't sugarcoat that part. But what you can do is keep in your mind that we are actually all one, and while these crazy situations play out, stop judging. People experience life and need things to happen in all kinds of ways for all kinds of experiences.

There are people who love guns and war, and this is a thrill for them. There are people who felt numb, that now feel loved by their families. And death? Get over it! None of us get out of this alive, so... who cares? Just enjoy life to the fullest and have no regrets.

Are you really mourning someone who you believe in Heaven or in a non-physical realm where unconditional love is the order of the day? I miss em when they go too (for a little while till I start to feel them around), but can't we accept for a moment that time is a relative thing? Can't we chill and live our lives and “see em in a minute?” That is what it will feel like to them.

Can you accept the worst people you hate the most return to love and are now happy and thriving? That they played their part to expand and push you, or in some cases, humanity into new directions? Do people do anything till they are forced to?

No! They don't! lol



We should be chill enough to live our lives, play our parts, keep a perspective that in the end, we will all love each other, and stop judging the variety of experiences in life that we can't or don't need to relate to right now.

Life happens. We respond. And that is a cycle that will likely go on forever. What we can do is choose how to respond. Control the things we can, and learn to let go and trust more. This is a benevolent beautiful world. So much has had to happen to even get us to this point. Just saying we need to cut the crap, cut out all the BS so we can really LIVE life to the fullest. That is how to honor life itself. Live it to the fullest. The more we can accept what we don't understand as all part of the same thing, just for someone else, perhaps? The more we are free to be in the moment and enjoy life. The way it is meant to be.

A lot on my mind at the moment. I was looking through photos of a recently passed pup and started getting into all the photos of pups I have had over the years. 7 total. I grew up with 4 at once and then got my own after I left the house and another one after that.

Plus hearing friends talk about people they've lost, health issues, etc. Life is temporary. One of those seasons for such a reminder it seems.

To be honest, I have zero fear of death whatsoever. So much that I never feel like I am wasting time. I believe we are alive eternally, and that death is illusionary.

I had an out-of-body experience when I was 20ish and I was heavily into experimentation. Not with drugs. I was super into staying sober and started smoking weed more in my mid-20s. But at that point in my life, I didn't want to do anything to mess with my head. I was very into meditation, reading books on spirituality, and trying to understand what the point of life was. Around that time I was practicing techniques to have an “out of body” experience and was successful.

It was a quick reminder that we are not just our bodies and that our consciousness does live on after our bodies give out.

To put it simply for today's generation, the experience was like being in Minecraft survival mode, and then all of a sudden the server changed to creative mode. So instead of needing food and water to live, you just didn't need any of that. You can just fly around, teleport, create a landscape and vista of your dreams and your friend can be over in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I even think some human desires we have like teleportation are because we are used to that kind of freedom.

But it was super clear at the time. It wasn't a dream, it was super consciousness. I was more awake than I am when I am awake. By the standard of those experiences, we are sleeping a bit even in our waking state.

The continuity of a physical life experience, the feeling of touch, eating a good meal when hungry, etc are all amazing and worth coming back for over and over. And as you may have picked up, life on earth is really just getting started. Time doesn't move as slowly as we perceive it. For Dragon Ball Z fans, it's like we are in a hyperbolic time chamber. So for people who pass on, they see our lives happening in real-time, but it moves very fast for them with their perspective.

For us who are alive in bodies, it feels like foreveerrrrr when someone leaves before we see them again. But it's nice to remember that is just a temporary perspective. Once we also pass on, just like seeing an old friend you haven't seen in decades, you are able to pick up like nothing happened. Those who are non-physical are much more intimately aware of us than our living friends. So the reunion will be very meaningful as they will have a full understanding of you and your life.

All of this said, what has been hitting home for me more than anything is to just not take anyone for anything for granted. But especially other people. You may think they are the reason you feel like shit at times, but it's not, it's your perspective on them. We either love, appreciate, and adore – or we live with regret. Until later, when we also pass and there really isn't any blame, grief, or negative emotion at that point. That is unique to the human experience.

Whether alive in a body or alive without a body, we all feel our best when we put our best foot forward and love each other. Not saying it has to be like that 100% of the time, that would be a ridiculous suggestion. But we do need to come back to center, don't leave your natural loving state for too long.

I just wanna do something that is going to get people excited, to be honest. Like, dang. A lot of crazy shit has gone down in the past 7-8 years or so. I don't even know if people are aware of their psychological state at this point. Personally, to me, I feel like at the root of everything, at this point in time, people are just wanting to come alive.

I've been thinking about that a lot lately. As I just have a desire to do something that is going to get the energy moving again. The way music can lift you into a place where you are excited to be in the moment. I really wanna do something to just get people excited again.

Amazing how a DJ can take a group of people and read the vibe of the room and then put on a set that just makes everyone get more in tune with themselves and the moment.

The biggest thing we can individually do is to just be in tune and excited about life ourselves, so we can rub off on the people around us.

But I am also thinking in terms of career or other projects.

What do we need right now? More in-person, fun, brick-and-mortar establishments so people have a reason to be excited to go out again? A reason that isn't solely alcohol?

I have worked as a Community Manager most of my life and that is the aspect of the job I enjoy the most.

When you can partner with a brand that is out there with matching intentions it really is one of the best jobs. When a company has a product people truly want – one that is doing something good in the world. Producing some sort of social change that is really needed. And then you create a community of people around that to help get everyone focused – it's a really incredible thing.

So now what? That is the question I keep asking myself. I am not forcing myself to come up with an answer, but waiting to see what comes my way while I maintain this desire. A desire to electrify the world. The way an EDM DJ electrifies a crowd on molly. lol

But you know what I mean. I don't have a clear answer as to what this will look like yet, but I think it is good to just acknowledge what desire you have and let it be. Too often we can get stuck in getting frustrated at not having specifics. It's a good thing to get clear, and then just let life happen and see what comes your way. With focused desire, you will be ready to act at the right time.

What a time to be alive.

One of the things I think about often is how the internet has evolved. I remember hooking up my first 14.4 modem when I was around 15 and being as enamored as everyone else was in the early days with AOL 3.0 and all that.

Life was so different pre-internet. Forget about the internet on your phone, just getting It hooked up to a computer was a huge deal. Before that, you didn't really have any way to communicate with people that didn't live around you. Letters, phone calls, etc, but how would you even find them? Unless you traveled a lot, you would only grow up and be around people who lived close to you.

Very limited view of the world, but in a sense, it created a happier more content community because they were unaware of so much.

I got the internet right around the time I hit my early teenage years. Instantly I had access to my friends to send them messages whenever I wanted, as well as interactions with people from around the world. My perspective at the time was very limited, but then I had access to message boards and I was able to learn other people's perspectives. In time, more and more of the world was coming online, and interactions became more diverse as time went on.

In my mind at the time, given I was young and idealistic, was if we are all communicating surely we will be creating a better world together. So much division seemed to happen because people would watch the news which was usually based on someone else's agenda.

How could there be war if citizens were in communication with each other? At the root of humanity, we all want the same things. Happy lives, friends, and sustenance for ourselves and our families. We all want safety, our basic needs met, and fun times. We aren't that complicated. If we have the freedom to pursue our own interests, the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately, my view was too idealistic, and I didn't realize at the time that those said forces who were trying to manipulate the opinion of others would just get craftier and make people forget. Forget how good it was at the beginning of the internet when we were all just people filled with curiosity and enjoying first-hand exposure to others cultures and different walks of life. There wasn't this coalition of Americans who were defensive and trying to keep everything the same. It was welcoming, people were curious, and there were in dept conversations daily happening about deeper topics. Topics that brought people together and made everyone feel more connected. It made people realize how we all inherently wanted the same thing.

But those who seek to divide figured out how to “plant” ideas and through ruthless repetition would seed people's minds until they had enough confirmation that they began to spew toxic opinions that were based on something they heard. Not from interaction with some random people from other walks of life, but strongly worded opinions designed to hurt, alienate, and enrage.

This was never the intention, but you can imagine if people came together and realized we wall want the same things. And we learned to celebrate our diversity and use that diversity as a strength – certain organizations may lose their grip on power and control over certain groups of people.

Building online communities was my most favorite hobby since I got the internet for the positive reasons listed above. Our technology was getting amazing but the social consciousness of the world needed an upgrade. I was sure that if people just started talking to each other those commonalities would shine through.

And they did, for a long time.

Today, I think we need to get back to this. We need to put our best feet forward as people and start to reach out and extend olive branches. We have been pitted against each other but the more we can learn to work together, the more our basic needs are met, and the less crime and other undesirable circumstances there will be.

We can't train police to discipline poor people. But we can connect to people in poor areas, find out what they need, and help to get community organizing started so no one feels like they have to be so defensive as to murder or beat someone to keep the peace.

We need to get back to the basics. Seeing the good in ourselves, each other, and the world. Having the wisdom to set aside differences so we can move humanity into a post-scarcity world where there is no need to war for energy. The only way we will get there is by accepting the past for what it has been, and deciding we are going to wipe the slate clean and give each other a fair chance.

Imagine if we uplifted each other using the internet. Imagine if we put an effort to help each other get excited about life again. Where are the big thinkers and the ones who do things to push humanity forward? If we keep focusing on ad dollars at the expense of our own humanity it's not going to be as fun.

Let's get excited about life again, and let's really dial in the best uses of the internet to create an amazing society and weed out the parts that have really let us down.

Intentionality. I have always been fascinated with this. From my early days as a kid, I was obsessed with martial arts. Not because I wanted to be a death machine, but because I could see that people who practiced martial arts seem to have a greater awareness of life. One of my earliest memories of really understanding intentionality was breaking a board for the first time. Without first imagining with belief, it is really difficult to do, because your mind doesn't think your hand should be going through a wooden board. But once you know it's possible and take the first step of imagining with belief, the follow-through is relatively easy.

The next area that really increased my awareness of intentionality was growing up with dogs. Dogs can sense our emotions and that is the main way they communicate. When I am training a dog, I only even use verbal commands, at first, to reinforce the intention I am putting out for the dog. But once they understand you are in charge and they need to look to you to see what to do in certain situations, the slightest disapproval or approval is received by the dog before anything verbal happens.

Maybe it is the slightest change in tension that they are sensing, but it's clear it is just about instant.

For example, if I have communicated to my dog that my couch is mine and they can't jump on it. After the proper training, a dog may still test their boundaries. They will sit at the bottom of the couch and look at you, or stand and wag their tail. This is obviously because they want to go on the couch, but they are now looking at you for approval. Or perhaps even challenging you with some whining or barking. In those situations, all I have to do is turn and look at the dog, and whatever my preference is then communicated. The dog will lower their head and go lay down somewhere else, or jump on the couch depending on what I am wanting.

Our pets and animals really give us the opportunity to become aware of this. It is likely one of their biggest benefits to us. They teach us how to not be bothered with little things, enjoy our moments, be present, and how to communicate, and live with integrity.

It is important to remember that our dogs are often a reflection of our own behavior and offer a unique opportunity to bring ourselves back into balance with an outside indicator that doesn't lie.

There is a lot that I think about all of the time that I just don't really share with anyone. I am of the opinion that we shouldn't force our beliefs on people. I enjoy the freedom in my own mind to conjure whatever thoughts and beliefs I choose and want to grant other people the same. There is so much always grabbing for our attention to influence us. I really value giving space to people to come to their own conclusions.

So that is why I made this blog. So I can express myself, and allow people who also like to think about this sort of stuff a space to connect. Or at the very least, some stuff to read that is entertaining and thought-provoking.

Times have been interesting to say the least. Massive changes happening so fast it makes your head spin. Kinda fun though. I remember feeling like in the 90s we had reached the peak of a certain phase of life, but things were going to have to change. Can't expect people to run the rat race forever. Can't give people all of the modern conveniences we have today and think they will continue to want to grind until they have a collection of health issues at retirement. So much of what has given humanity grief seems to be collapsing. We are on the dawn of a new technological shift to AI and robotics. Socially, I don't think it takes much imagination to see on the other end of all of this stuff the many solutions that will emerge to fix the past issues. And so much of it seems to be happening at once.

But on the other side of every problem is a solution, so when I see an avalanche of problems, I begin to turn my attention to the avalanche of solutions.

That is one persistent pattern in history. Continual improvement.

From as far back as being in high school and worrying like crazy about a grade on a report card to present-day global issues I am more aware of, that is one thing I did not fail to notice. Just about all of the things I spent time worrying about never happened. And the biggest problems continually yielded the biggest solutions and positive changes.

That's why I don't sweat it too much when things look like they are going south, personally, professionally, or globally. Life has its ups and downs, and I find it easy to relax knowing it's all part of the process.

Whatever circumstances arise are temporary and can be handled. Things always do work out, and when we can suspend our disbelief of that for a while as the working out is happening, we just have a smoother ride.

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