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The principal theme underlying my research is the intersection between digital technologies of participation such as open source, crowdsourcing platforms and their organisation and societal impact. Through all my research, I study this intersection from a multidisciplinary approach which mingles an interpretivist lens (e.g. sociomateriality of participatory objects), management studies (e.g. psychological contract theory), and organisation studies (e.g. resourcing theory). This approach is necessary because these novel forms of participation involve heterogeneous actors embedded within their idiosyncratic contexts. I have given particular care to studying these contexts inductively deploying mixtures of ethnography, archival analysis, and interviews. My early research looked at the intersection between technologies of participation and organisation within a particular project, understanding the mechanisms with which open source communities organise themselves. Since then, I have studied this intersection and the kinds of social innovations that are produced in answer to societal challenges and sustainability, providing us with glimpses on the future of work.

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