A reminder of your strength.

You went through all your challenges and you arrived at the other side with more grace and with a new perspective. The challenging moments cleared your sight and the wisdom that you realized is within you, showed you how the loving consciousness sees you in comparison with how you see yourself. Where you thought that you were weak, love showed you your strength. When you forgot your own worth, your heart reminded you that you can’t pretend not to see your value anymore, because people in your life will always follow the example you give them. When you thought that you were dependent on someone else’s mercy, love showed you that you are dependent only on your own forgiveness. Life taught you that you always know the right answer and then it provided you with situations to build your courage and to act on those answers of yours. Your heart is your compass and your mind is your best friend, however you have to learn how to listen to the first and then use the latter to be constantly arriving at the desired destination. The best views along the journey are already waiting for you, you just have to make sure that you allow the wind of your desire to push you toward them instead of battling with what life has in store for you and you need to stop protecting yourself from your own power as well.

The greatest freedom that we all seek is to be completely ourselves, without any restrictions and without any fears. Until we become committed to always looking beyond fear, we will see in our mind’s eye only what we think is possible for us based on past experience. The endless horizon won’t terrify us anymore and we will be surrounded by a new landscape, which will be reflecting the love we have found in our hearts.

Even in the midst of it all you can still recall the place your soul calls home. In the middle of your peace you will find everything you thought you seek. Love’s courage will unfailingly back you up so you are now free to serve the light. If you can’t see the end it is because you are on a never-ending trail. However, you always have the right to stop and bask in the beauty available to your sight.

Life is here for you. helping you to realize and share what is beautiful, good and true. It will take some time to build a home within your mind, where every thought and fear are welcomed, but where they are not given the power to make you blind to the beauty that is within your heart.