Arrest: 5 Months and 19 days later. Today is January 10th, 2018; we are only 10 days into a new year...and a new year I dearly hope that it is.

Prior to 2017, the Department of Corrections seemed to be a world of its own, make believe or way up on a cloud...obviously not a realistic place. Even if it does exist, this is the place where Murderers and Rapists are confined to...right? On July 22nd, 2017 I learned that is not the case. Finding that in all actuality, there is a DCC (Department of Community Corrections) facility less than a few miles away from my residence. “How convenient...” At least the ride to the detention center didn't take to god awfully Long.

I'm going to take you back to about 3 years ago. May of 2014. Being raised in a relaxing environment, yet a wholesome one was more than an amazement. I had a stunning father, funny and supportive mother, and one older sibling. Graduated with honors from high school at 17, 3.71 GPA, Scholarship offers (enough to even pay my bills); off i went to college. I always had a great head on my shoulders, able to tell right from wrong, made great decisions (at least 98% of the time), and truly enjoyed education, learning, and school. I laughed, made friends, and even spent time in study groups just for fun. I knew that I had some ability to be the catalyst for helping others; Always turning the 'horrible' studying for others into a fun and enjoyable time. Now, not to toot my own horn, but...classmates enjoyed my presence, teachers just the same, and I was respected, and even desired I felt at times. Co-workers couldn't wait to be on the same shift with me, Newcomers always felt connected and safe, most importantly though, I was trusted. At this point in my life (2014) I was so well trusted that I literally could have protected a bank vault with no questions asked if I wanted, because in all honesty, I was a very trustworthy individual.

My life has always been defined by helping others. Sincerely making a difference in ones life. So with great effort and dedication, in May of 2014 I graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In July of 2014, a few months after my long awaited graduation, I passed my license exam (NCLEX). This is not a cup of tea type of test, it is more like super strong espresso coffee, that you had expected to be hot chocolate.

August 11th 2014 I began my “Big Girl Job.” Working at the largest Hospital around, and mind you, it was a not for profit hospital (happy to go into that if requested). Even worse than working for a Not-for-profit hospital (less staff), is working on a Medical/Surgical Unit at a Not-for-Profit Hospital. yeah, “Stable and Predictable Outcomes”....they said. “the patient was assessed in the ER and are stable”...they said.