well cj answered me after i checked my email and deposited nuggets of progress on 12 different projects, and email is the break believe it or not, but it's all play when work is done with love and in service to others, the earth, and to logic, reason and common sense. apparently, i have over-thought my end of design detail awareness to encapsulate a new efficient simpler thing by natural laws, and the mental agglomera of my stuff, plus matts software ethology- apparently I over thought this, and confused myself silly. The answer I got back was so zen it made me feel ridiculous for a pico second as i was laughing at myself trying to fix this for 3 weeks, and how much I struggled with it, because I wanted it to work, because I wanted people to like that there was something exciting that added value, in their daily jaunt through social media- that linked up to my big project. and got them involved at their own pace and interest and speed, and all that good stuff. well, looks like i should eat lunch early, add more food, and now i get to use submit.as to do that all after all. <i> whee! </i> thank you @CJ ! let us now hit the magic post button.