There is something quite ominous with the first blank page.

Everyone who speaks about writing seems to suggests there should be some kind of message, strategy or overall picture that you should create in your mind before you start hammering keys. You will see from this post that I am going to try and just go with the flow on this occasion. Try talking to me... it's even worse.

For me though, this is an opportunity to start a simple habit. If I am being completely honest with you, words aren't really my forte. When Twitter boosted their character limit my initial thought was “What are you doing?!” it was bad enough finding 140 of those bad boys to fill the box. I just wanted to see if I could put a series of musings together. You never know a theme might start emerging.

I think the biggest challenge for me is that although I always push myself as being thick skinned on the flip side I also censor my opinions and views. It may have been a part of my upbringing. That's a whole piece of writing in itself.

I think this continued opinion suppression as a child has actually resulted in an opinion deficit. The only time I would actually find myself having any sort of opinion would be at work when I am reviewing a piece of design work by the team or maybe at home when we are deciding paint colours for the wall.

When it comes to politics, music or most sports I struggle to formulate enough of an opinion to warrant an outburst worthy of a tweet. Although I have actually started to tweet more about Newcastle utd. The club I have supported as a kid and yet have no real ties to. However in most cases it will only be if they are doing well. Its not that I am a glory supporter. I don't think Newcastle fans can be. Its more that there is enough negativity and pressure in the world without another supporter adding to the social detritus.

I may stat to explore some areas of interest in these posts and if I start to see a them taking shape I may start to focus. For now its just an chance for me to let my head subconscious mind do the typing and to not overthink it to much.

At least there is auto-correct