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Attended two hamfests over the past couple weekends: the Candlewood Amateur Radio Association in Danbury, CT on 9/11, and the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum in Windsor, CT on 9/17. Also this past weekend was the Mount Beacon hamfest in Dutchess County, NY and the September MIT Flea in Cambridge, MA. I didn't get to attend either, but overheard a fellow ham on 146.805 MHz. mention that Mount Beacon was a good fest. MIT is always good and has eclectic offerings. I hope to get up there next season as making the last one for the season in October is not likely.

The Danbury hamfest was pretty small. They had about a half-dozen or so tailgaters, and four inside vendors. I guess about 200 or so people showed up. It started to rain after the 'fest opened, causing tailgaters to either pack up or go inside. Despite that from where I stood it was still a halfway-decent hamfest in terms of buying and selling. Not great though.

The Museum's hamfest in Windsor was a different story. They hold them a few times over the course of the year. This was their last outdoor one for the year, and in December the event will be held inside. I started going in 2018, and the event has only gotten better since then. In talking with one of the organizers, this past one was their biggest yet. So big, in fact, that there were concerns that they might not have enough room for all the vendors when they move inside for the December one. In many ways the VRCMCT Swap Meet reminds me of the MIT flea.

One swap meet that I'd like to attend is the Greater NY Vintage Wireless Association held on the first Sunday of the month at sunrise in the Seaford, NY Long Island Rail Road Station parking lot. Those folks I know who have attended said it's consistently good.