In Memoriam Lady K

I remember the first time we met, piled in a station wagon on the way to Rocky Horror. I think we were there with Marcus, Scott, Chelsea, and I think Aaron. You asked me if I was a cyberpunk, to which I answered in the affirmative. That was in 1991 or 1992. We hung out a few times after that, and as life goes on we went off on our respective paths. The next time we met after that was in 1996 at ManRay in Cambridge. Turns out we had mutual friends in the Boston Goth scene. I remember Danni, WhoBob's girlfriend at the time, getting ready to introduce us at which point I said your name and you exclaimed “Tom?!” It was good to see you again. I think at the time you were leaving Boston for a bit just as I moved there, as I don't recall seeing you around town. I left Boston after a year, I guess we jut travelled in distant circles that never seemed to intersect. I was saddened to hear that you died so young way back in 2004, and that I had not gotten one more chance to see a friend after a long absence and simply ask, “Hey, what's up?”

In memoriam Kirsten 'Lady K' Malone, 1975-2004.