Dio E' Morto

I found a 1960s-70s protest song that has been an enduring anthem in Italy. It has been covered by some of the greatest stars of Italian music. And it speaks to me, today. So this Easter season I give you Francesco Guccini:

And now I give you my translation, updated for 21st century America:

God Is Dying

I've seen it Some of my generation wandering here and there Along the paths untried too often leading nowhere, Seeking out their dreams that sometimes leave them crazy Looking for the promised peace they'll never find In this world that has been left them, nor in sorrows they tried drowning in a bottle. Some looked in psychedelic dreams for their salvation and in the smoke they saw a world made for Econs not for beating hearts— they could protest or swallow whole the structures of their prison walls.

While God is dying. Along car crowded streets, God is dying In cars bought in installments, God is dying. In the childish dreams of summer, God is dying.

They told me That this my generation's fallen far from grace. Rejecting lies so often masked in robes of faith, No more “My country right or wrong” no chosen nation, Because the time is now to stand with truth together and reject all that is false: No more the blind faith of tradition, fire and brimstone. No more the promises forgot after elections. No more of “Greed is good”, each for his own fifteen minutes empty fame. Hypocrisy of leaders following Winners never risking loss.

While God is dying. In the walls along the border, God is dying. In the myth of Great Replacement, God is dying. In the fear of all that's foreign, God is dying.

But I think That this my generation long has been preparing For a new world with hope reborn and not despairing, For a future that is here, A revolution without arms; Because we still believe That if our God is dying in three days He will be risen. In the things that we believe, Our God is risen. In the things that we desire, Our God is risen. In the world that we will make, God is risen.

Happy Easter, my friends.