Urlando contro il cielo – translation

I almost can't sing this song without crying. It touches very close to feelings of the last decade of my life.

Here is my arrangement and recording

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Urlando contro il cielo

Howling against the sky

Crying to the Heavens

Verse 1 Come vedi sono qua: As you see, here I am, Here I am, just as you see: monta su, Climb on, Ride with me— non ci avranno they won't have us Heav'n won't have us finché questo cuore non creperà until this heart croaks Not until the moment this heart explodes di ruggine, di botte o di età. from rust, from blows, or from age. from rust, old age, or too many blows.

C’è una notte tiepida There's a warm night Hear the blues float on the warm e un vecchio blues and an old blues song Ev'ning breeze, da fare insieme, to play together we'll sing together, in qualche posto accosterò I'll come up to someplace Then we'll pull off down the road, e quella là sarà la nostra casa, and that there will be our home, see, that's where we'll make our house, we'll make our

ma credo che meriti di più but I believe that you merit more, home. Yes, I know that you're worth so much more, e intanto son qua io and in the meantime I am here For now at least I'm here, e ti offro di ballarci su: and I offer to keep on dancing: Asking you to dance with me once more: È una canzone di cent’anni almeno. It's a song 100 years old, at least A dance that flows from time unknown.

Urlando contro il cielo. Howling at the sky. Baring our hearts to Heaven.

Non saremo delle star We won't be stars We'll never live like the stars— ma siam noi, in questi giorni but we are ourselves, in these days Just ourselves, living plain lives, fatti di ore andate per made of wasted hours until wasting hours, passing the days un week-end the weekend 'til week's end— e un futuro che non c’è. and a future that isn't there. a future where the future dies.

Non si può sempre perdere You can't always lose No way every spin can be a loss per cui giochiamoci so we roll the dice So we play on and on, certe luci non puoi spegnerle. certain lights can't be put out. Some lights shine and shine at any cost— Se è un purgatorio è nostro If this is purgatory, it's ours If this is hell at least we're per lo meno. at least here together—

Urlando contro il cielo. Howling to the sky. Cursing against the Heavens.

Fantasmi sulla A14. Ghosts on the A14 highway We watch the ghosts that pass and fall away Dai finestrini passa odor di mare, Through the windows pass the smells of the sea, While through the windows comes the smell of sea, diesel, merda, morte e vita. diesel, shit, death, and life. of diesel, of shit, of death, of living.

Il patto è stringersi di più The pact is to hold each other more The promise is we hold each other tight prima di perderci. before we lose ourselves Before we lose our way. Forse ci sentono lassù. Maybe they hear us on high. Maybe they will hear us up on high— È un po’ come sputare via il veleno. It's a bit like spiting out poison. Tastes a bit like spitting out a poison—

Urlando contro il cielo Howling to the sky. Howling out to the Heavens.

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