[in quarantine]

Anyone who likes to do the frilly Lilly, tippy tap toodily doo on Files for iOS can knock themselves out and have a blast with it, because I cannot figure out how to EASILY copy one folder from the fucking iPhone into the Dropbox file system. I understand that folder copying JUST became a thing with iOS 13 (this iPhone 6 runs iOS 12), but damn – I am sure this feature was avail on MS DOS so why the HELL is it not possible on the last version of iOS???

Anyway, I manually selected about 15 photos I think are “keepers” and just THREW them into the main folder on Dropbox like some sort of wild animal, because I can do it in a damn Batch like a civilized human being.

Now I have 200+ photos of my immediate family + extended family + friends I want to keep as well that will just have to be held hostage to “Files for iOS” because I will not be able to transfer them with any sort of ease into Dropbox, and therefore, Android.

Fucking ridiculous

Boiling water for thick, black, sooty coffee. Having a smilie joe as I wait. Still have five hours to go before the Senior Hours are finished at my local grocer due to #CV19. That’s fine. The courtesy center doesn’t open Until 9AM, anyway, and that is where I am getting my money order. I would likely be waiting until that hour until I went over there, anyway, regardless of there being a CV-19 policy in place. Because why make two trips?

I wonder: do I owe money to SLCL (St Louis County Library), or did they get sick of bugging me for late-fee payments and just cancel out my library card? That would be a bad thing. I am pretty sure they are closed during this time anyhow, but I need to check in on my acct and see if I owe them moolah. Probably do. Probably a few bucks. No big deal.

Sleeping is eluding me greatly this AM. I didn’t sleep whatsoever last night or this AM, and am somewhat groggy, but the coffee will do the trick, I hope.

I also cleaned up the bedroom and the kitchen desk and the kitchen counter, and now the trash needs to go out very badly. I will do so when the sun rises. I also need to straighten up the living room a little bit. Overall, the entire apartment could use a good “once over” just for the hell of it.

More later

There is this newsletter I subscribe to. The end-all, be-all, newsletters of newsletters. ~3K words published in each one. Imagine (if you are reading this on r.w.a) a newsletter that is like “Mike’s Thoughts” on super-steroids. Only not taking place on walking and relaxing and photography and writing in Vietnam Nam, but Japan. Written by Craig Mod, and titled “Roden” – it has been something I look forward to immensely in my ProtonMail inbox on a monthly basis. So, I paid $10 to become a member of the newsletter and to support future content. Good call, I think.

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters. A lot of blog newsletters (incl Mike’s Thoughts) on Write.as. And am keeping my eye out for a good indie magazine to subscribe to next (as in, a physical IRL magazine). And I think I may have found that, too. Titled “BESIDE”, and I am looking into subscribing next month perhaps.

But I realize in all this – the newsletters, the magazines, the blog posts, the RSS feeds, etc. that for me, it isn’t that “content is king” but “content chemistry is king”. There are SO many little niche’s across the WWW that I really have to find something that resonates with me, and is also original at the same time for me to become a financial supporter of it. And I am all too happy to do this (as long as the price isn’t over-the-top or anything).

Fun stuff

Was overdrawn $2.62 on my STLCC bank account (which I am keeping). Paid that real quick.

Wanted to change my username on Newgrounds.com (an acct I never use, but like to just HAVE) but you have to be a $2.99 per month “Supporter” to do so. So I paid $2.99 and changed my name from “anarchomeprazole” to “olry” :):)

Other little charges:

Gonna get AndroIRC for the Moto phone when the phone arrives (today! :)) and idk if it is Free or Freemium, or what, but I wanna have some monies to get an app or two for the phone when it gets here.

That’s all. A few more hours before I head to the store for necessary purchases. 10 AM to be exact. Fun fun fun.

So, I made my little (quasi-dangerous) walk to Circle K. Not because it is a bad neighborhood, and not because I was afraid of #CV19, but because I thought a cop would stop me and write me a ticket for being out for an “unnecessary purchase” (but I find cigarettes to be very necessary). Got smokes, got a sodie pop, now home sweet home.

I then hopped onto BestBuy.com where my cart was saved with the Moto G7 Power + case, and I selected to have the Moto phone arrive TODAY (April 1) by 9PM for the low, low shipping price of $7.98. Not too bad, really. The case, arriving in a week :/ So, I am pretty happy about that.

AT&T has been bombarding me with e-mails telling me how much they VaLuE me as a customer (oh and by the way, your bill is due), so I will get them paid up in a minute here, too.

Four cars. That is how many I saw on the road between here and Circle K on a Wednesday night at midnight. Insanely dead out there. Usually it is between 10-15 cars.

And a late-night shoutout to mi amigo Inquiry. Hope the Jameson doesn’t do a number on ya in the morning ;) Hope all is well.

This phone is just that. This will be the last time I complain about it, because in about an hour I am going to order the Moto G7 Power, and then put some super-fast shipping on it, and once it arrives this iPhone 6 will be reset and thrown in the garbage dumpster. Good-Bye!

It did work great for quite some time, though. Even though it had been used all day/every day for years by the time I inherited it. But it is fooked now. Haha.

Other than a quick walk to Circle K tonight, nothing too eventful happening. Big grocery shopping trip tomorrow around 10 AM (because they have rules that it is seniors-only up until that point). I may even make two trips to the store tomorrow because I need a lot of stuff (mainly fruits). But yea, a walk to Circle K this eve because I am basically out of nicotine.

But for now, black coffee.

I have nothing to ramble about this evening. Just taking it easy. Even got a FaceTime from my sister today, which is rare. Usually I am the one contacting her!

Anyway, be back in a bit!

Listening to Gaahl’s WYRD because I am not familiar enough with Gorgoroth to determine with albums he was involved with, and which ones he wasn’t. I am trying to get an idea of what his singing voice/style is like. I saw a brief documentary about his life from VICE about two months ago, and have since been looking in to the music he has been affiliated with. If you are wondering who this person is; he is a Norwegian Black Metal musician, but not one affiliated with “The Black Circle” or the group(s) or whatever that burned churches and did all kinds of other shit. He has made headlines for shit before though, but I will not go into all that here.

Anyway, the music I am hearing right now is pretty good. Which is I suppose it is called the “Ghosts Invited” album? I can never tell because Spotify changes shit around too much and I can never tell if it is the song name or the album name or whateverthefuck it is I am looking at. LOL! The band/project name is “Gaahl’s WYRD”, though.

Fun stuff.

I basically only listen to Black Metal nowadays when I DO listen to music, which isn’t very often. I don’t know why music, in general, doesn’t appeal to me these days? I listened to punk, classics, acid rock, nerdcore, or anything / everything else recommended to me, and I just don’t wanna hear music for the most part. Odd.

But when I partake, it’s usually BM.

Good times

There are not many cars going up and down the road with everyone self-quarantine’ing these days. But when I car does go up/down the road, it KNOWS it is the only car out there, and it o.p.e.n.s. u.p. the engine and drives literally everyone in the residential neighborhoods around here MAD! Not like these are large, expensive, impressive cars, either. Not Corvettes or Dodge Chargers, or anything like that. These are muffler-free 4-bangers that sound like a deranged weed-eater with too much gas in the tank got carried away on Red Bull and CBD-laced e-cig juice.


E-cigs. Haven’t thought of those in a while. I quit using them over a year ago when I heard they can put you in coma if you buy the wrong type of liquid. I used them for ~3 years, and was fine (though, I missed traditional tobacco during all of that time), but somehow, somewhere, manufacturers just stopped making decent e-liquid and now the stuff is basically deadly. Not good to fool around with to begin with, but now I DEFINITELY stay away.

Tobacco. I’ve been using it for too long, I think. 25 years of either traditional cigarettes or/and tobacco pipe usage, and it is not good for my health in any respect. But I am “hooked”, for sure. Using a tobacco pipe is a little more pleasurable than cigarettes, I gotta say – but it is still nicotine + carcinogens + all kinds of other crapI do not need in my system. Don’t smoke, kids. It’ll hurt ya.

2:45 PM – having “countdown coffee” (counting down until pay arrives). Delicious coffee. Good bowl of Lane Very Cherry pipe tobaccy to go with it, too. A good afternoon.

I did my daily check of the news just now. Bad news everywhere all the time. That’s all.

Having a bowl of Velvet pipe tobaccy at the moment. Not checking the mail today because Informed Delivery by USPS says I have nothing arriving, so, no need to.

Nothing to do today. Like many people. Just...taking it easy, I suppose.


As the water heats up to a boil for coffee this AM, I am packing another, yes another, bowl of Lane Very Cherry pipe tobacco that I have let sit out for close to an hour now. I did this to dry it out a bit, but really to take the edge off of the aromatic aroma of the stuff. I love how potent it is out of the can, but I wanted something a little bit more “tobacco-y” tasting this morning as I have no straight tobacco in the apartment that isn’t flavored.

Speaking of tobacco, I am ordering more tonight, but I think the shipping options are limited due to #CV19, unfortunately. I will try to get the stuff sent as quick as possible. Bastard Blends VAPer mixing kit + John Cotton’s Smyrna + a Viking tobacco pipe.

Fun stuff, indeed.

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