Blooming Trees

I noticed on my little walk to the grocery store a bit ago that the trees are starting to bloom with white pedals, pink pedals, and green pedals. Basically, Spring is almost here (it might be here officially, I don’t know). And with Spring comes the saying (in Missouri) “April showers bring May flowers”, and that means warm rains. AKA the best weather I can ask for.

But today, today the #stlwx is overcast and chilly, and a bit windy, and generally just not pleasant as I mentioned before. Hopefully when April does arrive (1 week!) it will bring the standard warm-ish rains along with it. I look forward to this time.

Now, I close my sliding glass door and window and turn the heat back on (65F in my apartment right now), and go back into hibernation. Except the sleeping part. I just had three(3) cups of iced coffee and no sleep will be had until the wee morning hours of Tuesday, I believe.

More later