This is what I am going to name this blog post. DeCentralize / DeMonetize. Worth considering if you are a blogger. Or have a newsletter.

Running ads on a blog is definitely not the future. It is in the past. Running sponsored posts in a newsletter (or a blog) is not the future. It is in the past, as well. Putting your words behind a blog or newsletter paywall is not the future. It isn’t even in the past. It’s a “never was”.

People can (and will (perhaps more so now with a crashing economy)) ask for money on Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, Ko-Fi, etc. And that’s fine. But that is basically no longer providing “free” content to the Internet. And the Internet is supposed to be free. It also isn’t the future, because most people don’t want to ask for money to do what everyone else is already doing for free on the Internet, anyway.

If Patreon, Ko-Fi, whatever were to go out of business tomorrow – the income stream would dry up immediately. One of the downfalls of centralized networks/services.

What am I suggesting?

I am reminding those reading that it is 2020. Running an ad, or a sponsored post, or putting up affiliate links, or enticing folks to join a (centralized) paywall platform is not going to last a very long time. Maybe you wanna make YouTube videos, or run a blog, or grow a newsletter for a year, or two, or five years – and throw any/all caution into the wind in terms of where money will come from when you move on from that creative outlet. If that is the case, then you’re probably OK. For now.

“But TM, how the dickens am I going to make money on/from the Internet?”

Shitload of ways to do this.

The examples are endless. But the point of it being – if you make videos, artwork, music, blog posts, newsletters, apps, etc., there is no need to depend on a centralized (and temporary) business to obtain money (which may be a hobby, or could be your whole paycheck).