Newsletter Communicae

So far, every newsletter that I have subscribed to in the past 8 or so months has sent out a “How are you doing?” Issue, of sorts.

They either are asking how I, the random newsletter subscriber, am doing, or updating me in a all-too-personal tone, informing me of how THEY are doing.


Some of these folks I think are A-OK, so I will reply with a thoughtful (and sincere) response to how I am doing, what I have been up to, etc.

But then I get the occasional soul-dump of someone who usually runs a “business” or “service” newsletter, and I couldn’t be less amused.

I tend to ignore those e-mails. I like to actually kinda know who it is I am speaking with on the other end of the mailer before I start telling them how I am doing. It would behoove them to practice the same discretion.

Props to anyone (really) who can even grow/maintain an organic newsletter, though. People can sign up for updates to this blog via e-mail subscription, and almost no one does, either because I don’t put the link in enough places, I flood their inbox too much and they unsubscribe, or they genuinely don’t care what I have to say.

Any of the above is fine with me. I can’t / won’t / don’t run e-mail marketing campaigns (or even have a genuine newsletter service) like MailChimp, SubStack, etc. In fact, in 14 years of blogging – basically on the daily – I never ran an ad (FOR the blog), or marketed the site in any way. The only “advertising” that ever occurred were the ads that I ran when I blogged professionally. I was basically writing for money. And that’s chillin’, too. I would never do so NOW, but back in the day it seemed ok.

To bring the point around: newsletters are more for what they are ADVERTISED / MARKETED to be. Not a private messaging list where you all of a sudden have 3K or 4K or 30K “friends” that need to (nor want to) exchange personal information with.

This blog is not a newsletter. (Luckily) W.a wouldn’t give me access to the “people” (e-mail addresses) of subscribers, anyway. So there is a GOOD, built-in privacy aspect to the whole thing.

So there’s that. Anyway, be back in a bit.