No Masks, But Money (an allegory)

Was expecting medical masks from the moms today in the mail. She has some leftover from forever ago and said she would send some along. There was a mis-communicae. She said she was sending along $50 so I can get other supplies from the grocery store, should I need it, and that I can get the masks the next time I go over there (which will probably be after #CV19 ends).

But I thought: what a perfect allegory to the government response to CV19 – expecting/needing proper materials, supplies, test kits, etc. and instead of giving $100B to the healthcare industry, U.S. citizens are getting $1,000 checks, instead.

Don’t get me wrong, the healthcare industry will (hopefully) still get their $100B + more WHEN it is needed, and I support the $1K check idea for families who need to get by while work more or less ends for them for a while. In fact, I wish those checks were going out QUICKER for those who will need it in short order.

I, in all sincerity, do not care about MY check, though. It (most of it, not all, if I am being honest) is going to orgs/charities. I mentioned Blessings In A Backpack, as well as The Gary Sinise Foundation (for first responders) on this blog before, so I will not go into detail, but these people genuinely NEED this money. More than I do, anyway, as I for the most part do not like dealing with money.

Anyway, more later