I took a survey from the other day after clicking around on their site for about 20 minutes. Seems to be “easy enough” to navigate through things. A lot better than some artsy fartsy Web designers approach to “good design”, thinking they are the next Dieter Rams (sp?).

Read through the site again, and surprisingly, they didn’t (in the brief blurbs that I was reading) go into detail if you can get CV19 twice. It’s bad enough people are worried that they will get it (chances are we will all be exposed to it at some point, I would assume), but now the Big Media co’s are talking about “Can You Get It Twice???”. Actually it was a YT video that suggested that, and I thought it was a legit question so I looked on CDC, and I couldn’t find any information regarding that. But...yea. I won’t speculate. Because I am not a doctor.

Anyway, I was watching NWPipeSmoker on YT just now, and he is right that this “social distancing”, and “self-quarantine”, and “isolationism” etc. should just be a “New Normal” for a while. If people are chomping at the bit to get out there and live up the city nightlife, and go to bars, and restaurants, and huge social gatherings, etc. etc., just...don’t. I know the difference between unwilling isolation and self-imposed/deliberate isolation (the former from not having a car, nor friends in the nearby area – the latter from, well, CV19), and just accepting the fact that you cannot go out and be the social butterfly you most surely are means that other people don’t get sick, YOU stay safe, and more importantly; you stay SANE in solitude. Just..make do. :)

That’s all. Be back in a bit!