Research Got Easier

Was watching a YouTube video just now from “The 8-Bit Guy” and his home computing network, and at one point in the video he said “I did some research and...”, and when he said this I thought: people are not using the term “research” loosely, research has just gotten 1,000x’s more easier in the past two decades.

Now, “research” can mean simply digging a bit deeper than usual on Google (or DDG), and finding some obscure piece of information you need/want that was previously not common knowledge. Or research can mean anywhere from spending an hour reading reviews, doing comparisons on the Internet, or going to your local library and requesting hard copy literature on the subject, or reading books (be they physical or electronic), or taking a class diving in-depth to a specific topic.

Point being: researching a certain topic or topics has never been easier than it is in 2020. There hasn’t been any significant “setbacks” in terms of information available in the world, or the World Wide Web. This is a good thing.

And also, research has been my favorite thing to do (in general) for the better part of three years, since getting the certificate in “Research Methods for Writers” from SLCL (Cliff Cave). I just like...finding stuff! Haha

Anyway, 10PM. Coffee is up. Tobacco bowl about to be lit. Gonna do some research. On what? I don’t know!