So Much Iced Coffee. So Satisfying.

It is basically like drinking caffeinated, liquid ice cream. I only buy the stuff once every few weeks or so, but when I do, it is GONE in a matter of hours!

Also, hats off to Inquiry ( for the high-traffic blog post! Fun times, indeed! :)

I friggin’ love r.w.a and W.a, in general. I thought about creating a Mastodon account today and thought: “wow, that would suck up SOOOO much of my time, for literally NO reward!”. I “get” the whole decentralized social network thing (which is what Masto is), but it is, in fact, still social networking (which in and of itself is time-consuming).

Some people get kicks from it though. I personally don’t.

I haven’t been on Twitter since long before the #CV19 thing started, so I cannot imagine the hellfire panic room that service has become, but I am willing to venture a bet that NO ONE is having fun over there or spreading any positivity.

R.w.a is a little more calm. More collected. People can/do read, write, and then deliberate on what it is they have read or have written. At least that’s my method.

I’ve written extensively on this blog before about the addictive-ness of social media, so I will not go into that again (and most people probably already know the issue well enough for themselves), but...yea. I have nothing else to add to the subject as of now. Social media is as addictive as cigarettes or cocaine from where I am sitting. NOTHING positive can be taken away from it.

There is the issue of “deliberation” and how one can read something like a book, or a research paper, or a long form news article – with depth, layers, original ideas, etc. and DERIVE something from it once they (the reader) deliberate from the act of reading, itself. In other words, apply what has been interpreted into their own life. After all, it isn’t just reading, understanding a subject, idea, or concept – it is how it affects YOU and your day to day that truly matters.

I essentially described the OPPOSITE of social networking. So if you ever need a reverse definition (if such a thing exists), you can have it!

Be back in a bit!