The Second Cup Of Coffee Shall Be Better Than The First

Because I was using these Keurig cups of coffee for the first round this AM. My mother was cleaning out her pantry some weeks ago and gave me not only the Donut Shop blend coffee (regular grounds), but some “Black Velvet” Keurig cups for her Keurig coffee maker which she no longer uses. So, I would use them in the French press by busting one, or two, or three open and using the espresso-like ground as I would normal grounds in the Bodum. Cheap tasting. Bold, but cheap tasting.

Now, I am making some FRESHLY ground Peet’s Coffee called “Big Bang” which promises notes of tropical fruit in the flavor profile. Nice. I just want something bold with a lot of caffeine!

Coupled with it – Velvet pipe tobacco. Out of the damn-near dilapidated Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob. I will definitely order a new poker in April. Probably the Stanwell number I talked so much about.

Time to enjoy this coffee. Be back in a. Bit!