Why do I have to get all of my #CV19 news, tips, information, and even government Stay At Home orders from the fucking media outlets???

I just happen to be looking at “Missouri Corona Virus News” results on DDG, and guess what? There IS a Stay At Home order for St Louis and KC! Well thank Dog!

Who is going to obey the order? Practically no one because Missouri doesn’t communicate shit to its citizens through any outlet other than some hipster publication. I got the news from “SFGate” (whateverthefuck that is?), and I guarantee, N.O.B.O.D.Y. Over the age of 20 is reading SFGate.

How about treating a state-mandated order LIKE a state-mandated order?

This story is hot on the heels of the head-scratching CNN story about “why do people in the West ignore CV19 orders?”. There’s your answer! There’s NO communication in America other than the shit slung by media companies.

Fucking lame country