Olive Oaks


I see it now you lie without question spit acid without remorse too busy for responsibility too sad to care for me

#love #poetry

Only those you give your secrets to should know your darkest corners Even then they shouldn't air them out for the world to see.

Hard to remember

Hard to keep the past in mind Feels like I've left it behind

A drink here Memories hard to hear

Calling out from some distant place But I can still see your face


wish it still meant something; a gateway to so many other thoughtsβ€” but it all feels like work to cram in the past along with the grown-up present detached as i am from all that made me assuming the role of future me and why?

At a coffee shop Drinking cappuccino.

Long way from home Windows were down.

Maybe I'm better at living in the summer Than the locals.

So tired. But I'm not ready to sleep.

I've been awake all day Maybe drifting And I'm still not content

There are more things to think There are more ways to feel

I'm just not done yet Not until I'm ready.

Ugh, life can be so difficult sometimes...

I'm trying to get to the bottom of all this.

What is life anymore?

I've lost my sense; my knowledge; my insight. To what life was and what it is. I used to have it and now I look at the river And the reflections of the buildings in the water And I feel...


Since moving here I've worried that I'm in the wrong place. I don't fit in with these people. I miss the mountains. I can't be myself.

I finally realized I have myself, no matter where I go. I can brighten any moment with my thoughts. And that feels really good to remember. I just need to remember.

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