Him and I met yesterday. It was magical. Also a bit scary. He told me he needs me in his life and that he was holding back all the time because he did not want to disrupt my family. But that he could not stop thinking what if. The look in his eyes told the rest of the story. He’s such a kind and lovable person. We can’t be together, so we both did not really know how to move on. He really respects me and my family, and does not want to interfere. I think he’s just quite sad about the whole timing.

I was lucky to get to know him better. The look in his eyes. It was magical. He told me many kind things. I feel at peace right now. But I fear he’s not. That’s why it was scary. It felt bad to leave him like this, holding back, staying all alone on his little luxurious island. He said it’s nice to have K. At least something, that maybe, they can make it work somehow. Though it’s already proven difficult at times. I would love to be able to give him more of my love, but for now I’m just lucky he made me this little gift of letting me know. I want to see him again one day.