(Here is a copy of the email sent to all niu.moe accounts)

Hi everyone, this is Léo (aka Miaourt, ex Technowix), admin of niu.moe. You are receiving this email because you still have an active account on niu.moe.

I'll be brief, niu.moe will cease to exist by the end of the year 2020, this server is a bit too big and bad choices at the beginning, on my part, made it difficult to manage... I'll save you the details. If you follow me on the Fediverse, you already know a little bit about it.

The other news is that I'm starting a new server, named RaRu.Re! However, this server will only be accessible by invitation from its members. This community will be as “generalist” as niu.moe could be, I want to keep the same atmosphere as niu.moe in its glory days (ahah), with a name a little less “weeb” maybe ^–^. This place will also be a lot more “restrictive” than niu.moe was during its early days. If you had been attracted to niu.moe for its “neutral” position towards political views, I advise you to find another server on joinmastodon.org. So if you're a bit of a leftist, or at least someone who likes humans, and still somewhat a bit of a nerd, you can read the work in progress rules (https://raru.re/about/more) and contact me in DM on the Fediverse (@Miaourt@raru.re) to get an invite in.

TIPS : Thanks to Mastodon new “migration” system (At the bottom of this page https://niu.moe/auth/edit on niu.moe / mastodon), you can bring all your followers and follows with you on your new account, so don't feel too sad, it will not change much in the end. Before migrating to a newer instance, I suggest you to make an archive of your content by going there : https://niu.moe/settings/export (I guess a lot of archives will be requested, so be patient please)

These past years have been very fun, and I hope for you too (well, ok, 2020 is a bit of a mess), and I hope you'll continue to have fun even without niu.moe.

~ Léo