Let's Check The 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw For Wood

The 1000 series vertical panel saw is one of the most used tools in carpentry, and can also be applied to cut materials such as plastics, non-ferrous metals, plaster, or even concrete. It has a toothed disc, when rapidly turned, permits the cutting of materials.

The basic structure of a circular saw is formed by:

• Circular saw disk • Disk of a circular saw

• A metal disk, the saw itself, with sharp teeth on its edge. Usually, they are made of stainless steel. Few models have teeth carbide tips that help them in becoming more resistant. The size of the disc tells the depth of the cut that is to be made, whereas the size and arrangement of the teeth differs according to the material and the kind of cut with which you want to work.

• An engine, which activates the mechanism that allows the saw to turn to effect the cutting movement. In general, electric motors are used, although there are some models driven by naphtha engines, and large saws in water-driven sawmills, using the same principle that was used in the mills.

• A structure that allows you to manipulate the tool, access its controls, and protects the user from the most common hazards.

The different types of circular saws differ mainly in their structure and form, since they all act on the principle of rotating a metallic disc toothed at high speeds.

Different Types Of Circular Saws:

• Manual circular saws:

The circular saws are tools to make straight and quick cuts. They are equipped with an electric motor whose power can range from 500 to 1400 W, reaching speeds of more than 4500 revolutions per minute and allow cuts up to 75 mm thick in different types of materials, of which the most common is wood. Around the saw there is a protective casing that allows manipulating the saw without running excessive risks, since it covers the edge of the same and allows discarding sawdust waste in a controlled manner. They are equipped with a lock or safety switch that prevents the tool from being activated by accident, a guide that helps us to move it straight, and a base that allows controlling the inclination of the saw. Some models come equipped with bags that allow the sawdust to be collected. Check out our panel saw menu for more details.

• Table saws or bank:

These woodworking tools use the same principle as the large sawmill saws, the machinery remains fixed and the operator must bring the wood to the edge to make the cut. The toothed disc protrudes above the surface of the work table, which serves as a support and guide for the material. Few models have a movable support that permits to regulate the depth of the cut in the wood, or adjusting the angle of cut. It is used for achieving fast cuts in large pieces.

• Panel saws:

In this case, the Panel Saw is mounted on a structure with rails that allows controlling the movement of the same. Some mechanized models allow controlling the movement of the machinery by means of a computer program, ensuring precise cuts. Panel saws, depending on their design, can be horizontal or vertical.

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