Perseverance pays

Whoa, what a ride! I’m going to share a story about overcoming obstacles that keep trying to hold me back! Buckle up and come along on this crazy ride called..Life!

We all know that Michael’s journey with Cancer and treatment has been anything but easy! We’ve hit brick wall after brick wall and it’s so frustrating! The one thing I promised him was the fact that as long as he never gave up then I wouldn’t either and I haven’t!

Quitting to me is not an option because I want my husband to live and he’s so sick and Doctor naive that he need’s my driving force and my voice! I shared in a previous blog about how the Doctor made him feel and that whole situation brought me up a notch! I was in “FIGHT” mode! How dare them disrespect my husband! Not today and not any day! Period! So I fought on!

Michael has needed a Feeding Tube since the 2nd week of treatment and they thought they were going to deny this! Oh no they aren’t. This man is literally starving to death and yes, you can die from lack of nutrition as we all know! Michael took his last bite of food on Thursday and here it is Monday and no, he doesn’t have a feeding tube!

When I spoke to the Nurse I said to her, “WOW, wouldn’t it be something if Michael died from lack of nutrition when he’s got a Cancer with a 98% cure rate? DING, DING, DING..the bells went off and it truly opened her eye’s! I also told her that god forbid that happens because I will spend the rest of my miserable day’s telling his story! That got her attention! Mission complete!

Thing’s didn’t move the way they should have or as fast but, with baby-steps we’ve gotten to where we need to be! They called me today to say that the Feeding Tube would be going in on Wednesday! WAIT, WHAT? Wednesday?? That’s 2 day’s away and he’s already starving to death! I expressed how unhappy I was with this and why and the nurse said she’s call me back!

In about 15 minutes that nurse did call back and Michael will be getting his feeding tube..TOMORROW! Hence, another victory however, it should have been done way before now! I’m grateful though and I don’t want to lose sight of that. Thank GOD my husband only has to starve for the rest of today! YES, we’ve got this!

I will keep pushing forward and I will fight with every ounce I have in me! He’s not only my husband but, he’s my best-friend, he’s our Children’s father and the best Papa to our grandchildren! We ALL need this man and he’s worth every ounce of this fight! I didn’t want it to be this way but, the Doctor and Hospital have forced my hand. I will fight for the other ½ of me as long as I have breath in me! Never- ever- ever- give up!

I wanted to share this video that was made for Michael and I by the one and only “XRPGORD”! He’s been one amazing friend through this journey and even before and we are so grateful! The support from the XRP community and the Coil community has also been outstanding! A special shout out to Dani Torres for being my rock. When I feel I can’t even take the next breath she’s there cheering me on! I love you Dani and I couldn’t do this without you nor would I want to. You’ve brought me so much strength! I love you all ♥️🙏🏻

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