I am so fed up with everything. There are so many of us, SO MANY who are smart, capable, strong, resilient, resourceful, yet we are confined to a miserable existence of barely scraping by, no matter how much we try. And you know why? Not because of some mysterious “human nature”, not because this is the secret “order of things”, not because there is some evil villian who is consciously keeping us from living fulfilled lives, no, no, there is no mystery! It's plain and simple: the economic circumstances shape our lives! We happen to be born to an existing set of conditions which are supported by a status quo that benefits a select few, who also, appeared where they did by mere luck, pure coincidence, a “fate” if you will. One may influence one's condition, don't get me wrong; we are not some puppets whom the invisible hand is carefully manipulating; we absolutely can change our circumstances, however... The amount of effort that is purely wasted to keep the appearances, to keep to the script is astounding, and is ridiculous! The good old empirical analysis is what we all need, not philosophising incessantly about the proverbial “good and evil”, not wasting our breath dissecting our own insignificant selves, not half-heartedly attempting to put a band aid on an open bleeding wound; we have to see that the vast majority of human effort nowadays is wasted – not much can be “fixed” in a superstructure that is based on chasing profit. And the sad reality is that much of the vocabulary has been appropriated, words have become marred, meaningless, empty – you say freedom and you mean chaos and gluttony; you say equality and you mean performativism and sameness; you say human rights, but you forget to specify who you consider subhuman. Loud words and pathos-filled propaganda has been flourishing for the past century, and I'll let you in on a little secret – it had not been Soviet Union that has been the culprit, that started it all, and life before the revolution was all daisies and butterflies under a kind tzar. For the first time in history, people rose up against the oppressors, rose up to take the matters in their own hands, to get rid of the “fate” of the poor, to negate the luck of birth, to, for the first time in history, let the people decide what it is that is worth chasing. And now it is all trash talked to hell, twisted inconceivably, lied about in the most ridiculous manner possible. And we, the modern slaves, in our own individualist gilded cages, keep toiling away, for nothing. Not for the collective “good”, whatever the hell that means nowadays; not for the development of the species; not for the safe and bright future for our offspring. For profit.