Peace... I dream of peace... But do I? What is peace? I won't recognise it when And if it comes Maybe One is not accustomed To peace... Peace... Sweet sounding word But empty To those Who only knew chaos Who only knew struggle Peace... Give me a piece!.. Or a chunk How do you measure it? In kilos, or pounds?.. Peace... Is it calm Is it dark? Is it happy Is it content? What is peace Peace for one's soul Culmination of the struggles This word Unknown... I hate peace Like one hates the unknown Like one hates what has not been given to one Like one's birthright A lack of one, that is. Peace... To rip one's soul out for it To gurgle one's own blood And spit it out What is it?... If not another mockery An insane mind devises If not another empty promise Who will ever like it?.. At peace... I, one day, will lie When the struggle of people Will no longer be mine When the voices of the oppressed Will no longer be heard When the hoardes of the children Will be fed and be led To the bright red future... When I am dead.