The Fox Woman

Beauty… Is it bright red lipstick? Is it shiny sparkles on your cheekbones? Is it a flawless complexion?

Are your lips full enough? What is the shape of your nose? How wrinkly are your under eyes?

Are you tan enough? Are you pale enough? How much do you weigh? What is the perfect ratio of your hips to your waist?

How profitable is your body? How much for your hair? Your smile?

Do you walk like a dreamy illusion follows behind you? Do you have a spring in your step? Are you smiling? Is the arch of your neck visible when you flip your hair?

How lustrous are your teeth? How perfectly moist, but not too wet, is the parting of your lips before you round your “O’s”?

How trim, how slim?.. How well, how effortless?.. You, you, the pinnacle of femininity, the oracle of fertility, the dream, the prize, even the simplest smile of yours will suffice…

Suffice to bring the knights on their knees. Trembling, they will be willing to die, for you, the ultimate prize.

But what is it? What cloud dares engloom your radiance? What has stricken your face with dismay?

Oh, you... You are just human, aren't you? You cannot keep up the spectacle for long, can you? You have to sleep, to rest, to cry ugly tears, to wash off the dust of your body as a mere mortal; you are a mere mortal!

How could have one mistaken you for a goddess? You are just an earthly scum! You breathe foul air; you consume, sink your pearly whites into the flesh of another; you produce waste!

How dare you pretend to be a woman? A woman is sacred! An image of her is forever engraved into the heart and mind of any worthy man! He can recognize her anywhere, anytime! And you…you are a fake! A pathetic imitation of the holy image!

The woman’s body is not her own. Never. It is a vessel, it is a home. To many, but not to her. She is blessed, she is revered. But only if… only if.

Only if she dares not to pretend to be another. Only if not she imagines a will of her own. Only if not she envisions her life for herself. Only then she is sacred. Only then she is true.

And if not, she is a fraud! She is not a woman, but a delusion, a madman’s delusion! She is the fox, the liar, the ruin of man! Beware of the fox-woman, the creature who has chosen her way instead of the reverie of true femininity!

A true woman is alive through the man’s will, man’s power, man’s mercy. Not a woman like you. A woman like you is a desecration to the man’s senses. Damn be, the fox-woman!

Damn be your willful ways! You claim, you dare to speak, of words like, freedom and words like desire. How brazen, unthinkable! You are not to have desires of your own, and freedom? What do you need that for? What are you going to do with it?.. You get plenty of leisure time! You get to partake in you little feminine “activities”. What will you do with freedom?

Freedom is the forte of men. Men have fought, for thousands of years, for freedom; freedom to bear responsibility, for you, the woman, and for your children. And now, you, you, for whom millions of men had perished, you want your own freedom?!

The fox-woman knows no respect or regard for the sacrifice of the past. She cares of her own selfish comfort alone. We need to restrain her, for she knows not what she dares to dream.

Put the yoke of womanhood back on the lazy's back. She needs to remember her pain, her original pain, with no silly comforts of modernity. Give it to her as she deserves it. No pity for the fox-woman.