The Rich…

Golden toilets?.. Bentleys, Hammers?.. Servants, mistresses? Chandeliers?..

What is rich? Is it a million? Is it a yacht? Haute couture perfume on your Chihuahua?

Cruises, the Maldives? Nanny for the children? Expensive boat lessons? Silly ball dresses?

What is opulence? What is affluence? How much is too much? Who will be the judge?

I have pondered the rich. I have examined the evidence. Here is my report:

Rich is not how much.

Rich is how little another has.

Rich is how much you can force

Another to serve you the most.

Rich is not just luxury

Rich is who cleans your loo.

Rich is who bows down to you

Rich is about power, not the debut

On the red carpet.

Rich is comparison. Rich is contrast. Whose driver is the most literate? Whose dogs eat the most caviar?

Nouveau riche is eeww. Who feeds the dogs caviar? How tasteless! Not the caviar, it’s pretty salty. What the Maldives? So tacky!

The cabin in the mountains, château in the Swiss Alps. Healthy children, healthy boundaries. Piano and cello, lessons at five. Biscotti for the tutor, he likes his tea mild.

What is status? How much does it cost? Can you buy it in installments? Do stocks count?

Does rich make you happy? Do you cry in Swarovski? Is your loneliness broken by a healthy dose of Moet?

Do you defecate diamonds? Does your skin feel the breathing, of the thousands toiling, so you can tan without fear?

Does the silk of your pillow ever whispers the hexes of the spinning and weaving, tales of poor and of woe?

Do you cry in your bathtub over the fate of your children? Do you ponder the afterlife? What'd you pay to the priest?

I have given enough of my time to the rich. I am deluded no more by the silly sales pitch.

I have covered sufficiently the capitalist lies. No more dreaming abysmally of the profits to rise.

Join forces with fellow men, your comrades and mine. Don't believe dem stupid lies of the rich being fine.