Just some honest feedback based on what I remember from Econ 101.

Capitalism Sucks - A Simple Diagram with straightforward math.

I have a real problem with #capitalism. It #fucking #sucks. This isn't the capitalism I was sold on in Econ 101. But, because I took econ 101, and if you took econ 101 or can count to 10, you know capitalism can and should be better. So, I'm going to outline a better way. A capitalist way. A way that works because revenue exceeds operational costs, and that's it. No grinding customers and employees for more and more revenue quarter after quarter. Year after year. Generation after fucking generation. Capitalism today is 1% owns 99% and 99% shares 1%. But it doesn't have to be this way. Technology is so powerful, and it's so simple that all can harness it. Look at what Uber does. It's AMAZING – it facilitates automated pairing of a specific service transaction in commerce. Now imagine Uber without the Uber. Just a platform, operational staff, drivers, customers. Profits are reinvested -proportionally- to employees and the business. No shareholders. Co-ops and unions have existed forever but were generally ineffective due to the resources one needed to generate capital in the industrial age. Fast forward to today, and something valuable can be created by a developer in weeks, months, and very cheaply. In 2010, with some demonstrable success, a small team at Uber built a platform with $1.6m in investment to improve an MVP after showing indicators of traction. In 2011, it was $14.1m, and in 2014 it was $1.2 billion in funding. Think about these few things the next time you hop in an Uber across town: (1) The high cost of the ride; (2) The cost of the same ride considering current gas prices, distance, and vehicle mileage + a rate of $25/hr for the driver. The difference between those numbers goes to shareholders that don't give a shit about you or the other human serving you. So, what do you owe them? Remember – Uber worked and was useful in 2011, 2012, and 2014. This applies to any software as a service. The narrative that the stock market is necessary to make our lives better is false. Technology is at a stage now where the public can disintermediate the aristocracy from our commerce, the value we create ourselves for others.

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