Hello Again, World!

Pensane.com is back!

After my WordPress install broke, I lost the entire blog. There wasn't a lot there, but what was there was damn good, I must say. I've switched to using write.as because it’s damn cool… and it’s not WordPress. So the blog is back just as I return from my hiatus on YouTube. Perfect timing!

I’m excited about the videos I have lined up. Available within hours of this post is a look at my bloated EDC pen case: a 10-pen Kaco case (stuffed with 12 pens), wrapped with a no longer available Fountain Pen Revolution two-pen strap, with a four-pen pocket protector tucked underneath that. Despite my embarrassing mathematical error in the video, the whole setup contains 18 pens—all inked up, of course. (Technically, one doesn’t count: it’s my Uni 4+1 multi-pen.)

Still to be recorded is a video about a really cool glass nib eyedropper fountain pen, as well as updates on my TWSBI Eco and Jinhao collections. And it won’t stop there. I want to get back to making currently inked videos, ink comparisons, paper tests, and more.

The channel, as I write this, is just under 100 subscribers, so I am already planning a series of giveaways. Stay tuned!

Question: What kind of videos do you want to see? Comment