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Truth is not the exclusive domain of political parties, religious organizations, universities, or medical authorities. In fact, these organizations have long been the last place to find Truth. The people who run them have forgotten that they are People too; not “special envoys” to God, somehow more “essential” than someone else, or privy to knowledge or power that other humans can't, with sufficient desire and effort, also attain.

Truth is not the product of a consensus of opinion, especially when the holders of said “opinions” or vaunted “theories” are concerned about maintaining their livelihood.

Most of the people who have pushed the Narrative of the past year have financial, political, or social “skin” in game that has nothing to do with health or healing. These people have made their “living” by learning or reading what they've been told, without questioning.

Many of the people we are expected to listen to have NO idea of, or concern about the physiological and psychological damage that they are impressing on the population; one that thinks its okay to listen to liars until someone tells us they “made a mistake”.

We don't have to put up with this, but we can't expect others to swoop in to change things. When we seek and find truth, in all aspects of life, we will not only know why change is necessary, but how to go about support it in a way that respects and honors The Whole.

Truth cannot be assumed without the individual's input. When gained, it will inform the Seeker perfectly. Many who profess to be authorities on certain subjects have clear biases that favor professional or political standing, windfall profits, or both.

They support and PUSH a narrative that has actively, deliberately and selectively endeavored to forge a path for humanity that known science, intelligence, common sense, civil liberties, and rational behavior would suggest rejecting.

We are accustomed to thinking that we have little power to change the course of these developments. As such, we often sit impatiently, hoping for “heroes” or “saviors” to come forth who will “fight” for “our side”... not realizing that the power rests within each of us, when we choose to seek, embrace, and be guided by Truth.

Love can move and inspire, but many loving people are permitting political, scientific, and medical “authorities” to railroad them into behaviors that will set new lows in rationality, even to the point of calling our claim as an “intelligent” species into question.

When sought and embraced, Truth reveals and cuts through political doublespeak and scientific discombobulation, making the best path clear, and our choices, well informed.

9/11 Plus 19: Still Searching for Truth (banned on YT)

From my ongoing “excerpt binge” with Dr. Shelton's amazing book.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, or a real sense of insecurity about our political or social future.

“Medical advice and guidance” is tyranny. ALL media programming that seeks to “help” you become accepting of “masquification normalization” will further lower *your* vital energy reserves with EACH breath.

Belief (be-lie-f) in your “leaders” will help only if *their* knowledge and actions benefit *ALL*. Otherwise, your freedoms will go down along with your health.

Truth is your lifeboat in this ocean of abominable lies. It will not pluck you from the toxic waters. You must seek, reach out, grasp and embody It.

I copied this image from a Facebook post because it wasn’t shareable. I will add the terms “joyful”, and/or “enthusiastic” to the Socializing line.

These factors remain true even if government officials “govern” under false assumptions. The truth of these facts also mean that the world population is being misadvised and mistreated medically, misinformed through mainstream media, which certain legislatures are governing inappropriately, and educators are teaching inadvisedly.

Truth is unchanged by these activities and always awaits your choice. All efforts at misdirection and dis-traction eventually collapse back to Truth.

The most deceived, are the deceivers, who know not the harm they do to themselves.

The excerpt below is from, The Hygienic System, by Herbert M. Shelton, M.D. published in 1939. So much to learn.

The human body is better perceived as an intelligent, self-aware and dynamically adjusting, bio-electric, holistic *system* than as a “machine”. Beyond that it is consciously responsive to *You*, the Indweller.

While we depend on the body to serve us during our “stay” on Earth, it depends on us to provide it with a sufficient and appropriate stream of elements and factors that help it to maintain and sustain optimal function, or restore it as needed.

This, we are failing to do as a society, not by lack of intelligence, but of integrity of a systemic way of thinking that has put perpetuation and growth of income above the preservation and restoration of health.

Notice the role that oxygen plays in the capacity of a body’s healing process under acute invasions of contaminants, thus the greater importance that a sufficient supply be in the blood. The same processes occur when the invasions are not acute, but constant, which provide a steady drain on oxygen resources as well as water.

These biological and metabolic facts point out the error in thinking that pervades standardized medical orthodoxy, which leads to “advice” to wear masks (further inhibiting oxygen respiration) and obsessive cleaning actions (leading to increased chemical exposure via breathing) and continued failure to give the body what it needs. These actions also deny the Being something even more important; loving and joyful interactions with other Beings that build courage, compassion, conscience, and creativity. What we are seeing predominantly acted out and *modeled* in its stead are antagonism, competition, disease, destruction and factionalism.

These are far more “dangerous” than the virus they want you to be-LIE-ve that you should fear worse than death itself. As you learn how your amazing body works unfailingly on *Your* behalf throughout your earthly stay, you May start wanting to discover, “what else should I need to *know*?”

Medical advice that ignores these basic metabolic principles is corrupt.

I am reading The Hygienic System, by Herbert M. Shelton, M.D., a 500+ page treatise on health and biophysics that was published in 1939. I first learned of this title while reading The Poisoned Needle, by Eleanor McBean.

I have posted many excerpts on my Facebook timeline, so please forgive this rather abrupt introduction.

The very first sentence in the above excerpt invalidates the entire pretext behind the practice of vaccinations; i.e., the prophylactic infusion of foreign material into a natural ecosystem in order to “fight” or otherwise “prevent” a not-presently existing condition.

No consideration is ever given to what metabolic changes (i.e., damage) said foreign material is actually *causing*.

The beneficent and capable purpose of the body’s response to the Trojan Horse intrusions should be noted. Then imagine what life would be like if such intrusions no longer existed.

Not only do you have the inviolable power to image, you ARE the Power that can make this idea GO SPIRAL.

The Body is Adept

When I was a kid, tonsils were routinely surgically removed when, in the doctor’s opinion (according to training), they had become “bad”. I was actually scheduled for surgery to have my tonsils removed as a child. The decision to cancel that procedure has likely contributed to why I am still here, and in relatively decent functionality, today.

Being better informed about our physiological, psychological and spiritual nature (independent of any religious “filtering”), should be part of every child’s basic education. In addition to being dumbed down, our society is deliberately being *dimmed* down. The more fearful one is, the dimmer.

Truth lovingly searched for, found, held onto, and embodied, restores one’s brilliance. Truly helps one to see deeper into, and burn away the shadows like the morning sun evaporates the fog.

I just discovered this medium a couple days ago, as I learned about the Cinnamon video platform. The article that follows began its life on my Facebook feed, but was not published. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to copy everything that follows, before clicking the Post button, otherwise it would have been lost.


I'm just going to say that the greatest argument against putting children in the present school system ~ and continuing to submit them to the schedule of contaminant injections referred to as “vaccines” ~ is that the “education” that they get is so ineffective that they grow into adults who *still* do not KNOW (unless they have a permission slip) that wearing a mask for hours at a time, day-after-day, makes your level of HEALTH, go *DOWN*.

Wearing a mask will NOT make a person who is already sick, HEALTHY; it only makes one sicker.

On the other hand, getting more oxygen into the system of a sick person will improve their health.

Why aren't doctors, educators, lawmakers, and scientists ~ who we're supposed to trust ~ telling people this? Why is this narrative playing primarily along political party lines?

Doctors must KNOW this academically, but why is something else ~ which is not even true ~ the “official story”?

Let's say Dr. Fauci, the WHO, and the CDC do know there are other valid interpretations, and that the danger isn't as they purport it to be.

Then party line government officials don't know, and if they do, they're doing what they've been “educated” to do, i.e., what they're told to do. Either way, it bodes ill for this society.

Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA)

I may be wrong about this.

Perhaps they do know, but they think it better if they just “go with the lie,” even if it hurts the people who are being told they're doing it for “the less fortunate” (another lie), than stand up for what they know to be True.

Ask a doctor or “fact checker” to dismiss this statement as untrue or unfounded.

Ask him or her to show someone who got well simply by wearing a mask. 99%+ have actually done so, but the narrative is that the danger is still high due to the new “cases”, and lockdowns and other practices can't be ended (if you're in certain key political cities or states), until a “vaccine” is ready.

A 99%+ recovery rate suggests that a vaccine isn't necessary, and that said danger didn't, and doesn't warrant such extreme measures.

Many people got sicker wearing masks, ranging from rashes and respiratory distress, to sudden death. The “remedy” has shown itself to be worse than the virus.

We needn't defer our own knowledge of science and common sense to “experts”, whose opinions are paid for, anything but objective, and the irrationality of their advice is so readily seen.

A lack of sufficient oxygen, cellular hydration, and electrical factors reduces the *function* of *every* individual's immune system.

The decline is caused by the gradual and progressive intake of non-nourishing irritants that the body cannot use. What it can't use, it rejects or ejects them. Barring that, it stores them until it is able to eject them.

The human body, which is an integrated system of unfailing integrity and Living Intelligence, uses the irritants that are nutritive, called “food”, for maintenance of health and function, and/or repair/restoration.

Many of the irritants that we call “food,” which would normally be useful to maintain health or repair, are laced with non-nutritive elements which the body will reject, eliminate, or if unable to do so, store and isolate.

The people who created, and are now claiming that humanity is in danger due to COVID-19 that even *their* narrative continues to shift on;

* who are also suggesting that a vaccine FOR THAT VIRUS is so NECESSARY as to be MANDATORY;

* who have also carefully REDUCED, BANNED or made UNAVAILABLE information about other effective non-vaccine ways of mitigation,

...are concerned about anything BUT HUMAN HEALTH.

They are concerned about power, profits, and control ~ *FOR THEM*.

As shown in the image above from the BBC, they don't mind lying. They do mind being questioned. They mind being questioned because their stated agenda is *not* true, their stated remedy will *not* achieve what they are inferring, but would achieve things that are not being considered.

The “danger” is in losing Truth (actually, Truth was thrown under the bus a long time ago), and the freedom that being in accord with Truth affords.

Truth is non-partisan. It stands above political bias. It doesn't shift based on who is in office, or who wants to be. It's time to grow up, and Truth Up.

Our children are being assaulted, not just chemically, but emotionally and mentally, and citizens, who want to be “law abiding”, are allowing it.

Each is being pushed to conform to “groupthink” and not become acquainted with each child's Talents and Gifts; the Voice that guides and the Power that protect them.

They are being pushed to adopt habits, such as wearing masks, keeping distance from each other and obsessive, though unnecessary washing. The “bacteria” that live within the dermal layers, are the “disinfecting agents” of the immune system.

Joy is being sucked out of children as it has been sucked out of so many adults who have become blinded by fear and ignorance, and want others to be blind with them.

A vaccine would be another contaminant placed in the body, which the immune system, being unable to metabolize it, would have to allocate resources to either isolate, insulate, or eventually reject.

Nature has been looked upon by the medical profession as “the enemy”. How else could they go hundreds of years and still NOT know the real cause of the many diseases that humans suffer from?

We don't really suffer from what we think of as “disease.” We suffer from the consequences of our actions, which are based on a trust and be-lie-f in people, products, and practices that we think are helpful, but actually do great harm.

The examples are everywhere, and growing.

So the bottom line is this:

If you're not protecting your own health, you're not doing others who have already compromised their health, any favors. If you have protected your health *in spite of* temptations that compromise it, then you're NO HEALTH THREAT to anyone else.

Extolling people to “protect others” by wearing a mask takes everyone down *who follows* this fallacious guidance. Coercing people to *oppose* each other under the *threat* of government reprisal, is criminal, AS IS THE “PRACTICE” OF FORCING INORGANIC CHEMICALS INTO ORGANIC SYSTEMS.

IF the COVID-19 ruse was true; if the science was sound, the data would be too, and the guidance would collectively known to be appropriate. No manipulation, or monetary incentives would have been necessary.

Our Inner Nature remains the GREATEST UNKNOWN, especially by those who have become accustomed to thinking that the way to “help” humanity, is to POISON them through soil, water, atmosphere, and medical practice, get them to FEAR each other, get them to fight wars for the fun and profit of a tiny few.

While we bicker with each other over wearing masks, THIS is the *thinking* that went “viral” several hundred years ago, that won't change until it is first questioned, assessed for the benefit it has afforded, and accepted or rejected.

I get that some people think that the “danger” of COVID-19 is so great that the measures taken by the NZ PM (Prime Minister) are warranted. Or maybe, they simply think that she's the PM, so end of story.

However, “the coercive measures” that she used to threaten people weren't (and aren't) supported by facts. Indeed, they have been supported by massive manipulation and outright fraud.

The PM (or anyone entrusted to “govern”) *isn't* empowered to encroach on freedom for reasons that are not substantiated by *unbiased* scientific scrutiny and confirmation.

The second part of this video shows why the attitude assumed, and follow-on actions by the PM in the first part, is wrong.

“Leaders” aren't infallible. They aren't *all-knowing*. They can get just as intoxicated by the positions entrusted to them by their constituents as anyone. True leaders will be guided by independent facts, as they transcend “party” affiliations.

This isn't being done.

We have few leaders today, and they are the last ones to be expected to see their addiction, or seek sobriety. They are the ones most blind to their indiscretions and tyranny.

They will, nonetheless, have their own moments of reckoning.

After *sanity* does return, assuming that it does, the “sanitizing” that will be in order will be to acknowledge the *grave disservice* that has been perpetuated upon the People of the World, and on the minds of everyone who was led to believe that their natural immune systems weren't capable of fending off this “picoscopic” agent without vaccines.

I know that some aren't ready to admit this even now, but I'm putting it out nonetheless.

Part of this acknowledgment will be a MORATORIUM on vaccinations. It is the only idea that is *not* being discussed by people concerned about the steady rise in chronic and degenerative diseases. It is very clear that the ingredients that are in vaccines are of NO metabolic or nutritional value to health. So what other effect could they have?

They shouldn't be given to anyone, especially children. This has been a practice for over 200 years; very profitable one at that, but at what real cost?

Children should *not* be pushed into *thinking* that they need to take external, artificial measures to “protect” their health. This is worse than telling them stories about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It's worse because the people pushing these measures actually *think* they're necessary.

Is it okay to progressively administer poisons to another just to keep receiving a paycheck?

Children (and adults) should be fed foods that nourish (which is increasingly rare these days, especially in schools). They should also be fed *experiences* that exercise, nourish, and *mature* their minds and emotions.

The latter is NOT being done.

The only way to mature emotionally and mentally is through social discourse... to discover a wider spectrum of perspectives and find that which is *right* for the individual *and* the Collective. The greater the level of joy, love, and truth that is incorporated into one's methods, the better the experience will be for the greatest number.

Joy can't be faked. Love can't be manufactured, and truth cannot be bought.

With Truth comes the humility to *know* that we don't know it all, and are willing to listen to others. It doesn't mean that the others know any more than we do, but we're always listening, and willing to. By so doing, we see where our knowledge is relative to others, and have the option to embrace new knowledge that could improve and enhance our life.

Truth... well, we're seeing how far afield our experiences will take us, if we deem it okay to be “led” by doctrine that is not founded in Truth.

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